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    Grean Summoning Tank for sale!Selling my level 29 summoning tank for 22m. (price can be negotiated) With a DFS, this account 1 hits nearly any level 20-30 in the wilderness. If you want to check the stats, the adventurer's log is open to the public Account Name: TheEliteTank ==================================== Combat Stats: -combat level: 25(+4) -defence: 75 -summoning: 37 -constitution: 24 -slayer: 10 Skilling Stats: -Mining: 15 -Fletching: 60 -all others are 1 ==================================== I'm selling this account because I was ranked in a gambling fc and I got cleaned. I'm out of money on my other accounts and have no way to make money with this account. I could skill, but it's extremely boring to me. Great stats for PKing Active Membership for another month Flawless Kill/Death Ratio Contact me by posting below OR PM me on Runescape: ANTL-RUSHER Thanks to all who viewed this!Selling Lv3 Skiller (Duellist Cap Tier 6 & 2x 99s!) [RSGP/PAYPAL]Welcome to my shop! Skiller: RSGP A/W: 30M PayPal A/W: $25 USD Account #2: RSGP A/W: 20M PayPal: $15 USD:O Foxshock's Lil'Acount Shop.aye,i'm foxshock i'm new to here and i'm sellin some accs,=) I've got no fixed prices,but add me for any offer you might have in mind. my is in the end of the thread I'm NOT GOING FIRST,WE ARE GOING TO USE OR YOU GO FIRST! Below are the accs Acc 1:thats a special one!He's an main from 2004 with ALL yes ALL holyday items!even easter ring!!!!! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Acc 2:Random G Mauler ------------------------------------------------------------------- Acc 3:Another Random g mauler low lvl(that one's special coz it got a starter gmauler gear on it.) ------------------------------------------------------------------- Acc 4:Another SPECIAL ONE:That acc got Monkey Madness at LEVEL 50 WAHOO!!!,AND IT ALSO GOT HORROR FROM DEEP WITH GUTHIX BOOK COMPLETE!!!!!!!,and that acc is also FULLY QUESTED and it comes with a 5-6m BANK!! WAHOOOO!. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Acc 5:p.E.R.F.E.C.T low level corrupted pure. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Acc 6:Main. He Also got 2/4 of full void and all defenders! along with 1/4 to get Torso! -------------------------------------------------------------------- ANY OFFERS ADD MY :[email protected] THIS IS SERIOUS BUISNESS DONT TRY TO SCAM ME!OR DONT ADD ME FOR NOTHING. 4/6 of the accounts got membership atleast untill 20 december on it,i dont post bank images coz they are highly bannable.Selling Skiller ! (Duellist Cap Tier 6) [RSGP/MB/PAYPAL]Selling my skiller with Tier 6 Duellist cap! I only accept RSGP, MoneyBookers and Paypal. It has a scarf (worth about 2m), ancient ceremonial robes (worth about 160k) and an Obsidian cape. No coins Bid: 0 gp / 0 $Selling Obby Mauler 82 StrSelling A Obby Mauler 82 Str 42 Cb Mems Till Dec 26th Post Here Nd Ill Give U Username And Pass So U Can Log On Nd See For Yourself Only If Ur Trusted Looking For Paypal Or Other Accounts. Want To Sell Asap.[Paypal] 360's $1.00 Account Shop | Original Owner Of All | Hurry!Hey guys, I have decided to sell all my Runescape accounts that I haven't played on in months / years. I have probably created about 50 accounts over the past 5 years playing on and off, the only problem is trying to remember the details to them! I will be selling EVERY account I find for only $1.00 ! All accounts I sell have No Recoveries, No Emails, No Offences and No Bank Pins! *Note1: I will be updating this shop as I find more accounts *Note2: I will not be reserving any accounts, the first person with the money will be the person I sell the account to. Account 1: Account 2: Account 3: Account 4: More accounts will be added as I remember them! Thanks!buying bunny ears account 1-50mbuying bunny ears account with must have 1-10 attack and must have 1-10 def any thing else doesnt matter willing to go first and need ommBUYING An Account with 94+ mage.I want the cb low as possible. Depending on the account i will swap or pay RSGP! Post Pictures Please!
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