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    Low level pure/Sorc Gard. Acc/Skillerclosed[Rsgp/Pp] Lone Wolf's Pure/Skiller Shop [Multiple Good Accounts]Account #1 [Level 53 Strength Pure With 99 Hunting] Account #2 [Level 52+7 Starter Main With Summoning and Potential] Account #3 [Stunning Level 63 Hybrid With Ancients and 82 Mage] Code: Account Number: Your : Your Offer:[CHEAP][RSGP] Selling level 3 skiller with 9 HP and 2 99 skills [CHEAP]Hi , since i dont play on this account a lot , im deciding to sell it. A/W is 150M rsgp It has dragon slayer done at level 3 I can prove ingame , and we will use a during the trade.[Buying] Lvl 3 Zeal pure, lvl 3 skiller 90+ skills, obby mauler (52cb-)[Buying] Lvl 3 Zeal pure, lvl 3 skiller 90+ skills, obby mauler (52cb-) Base RSGP = 20m, max = 50mMage PureStats: 2 Attack, 2 Strength, 2 Defence, 2 Ranged, 9 Prayer, 46 Magic, 27 Constitution, 15 Mining, 32 Smithing, 25 Woodcutting, 25 Firemaking, Combat Level 30, Total Level 201 Quests: Blood Pact, Restless Ghost, Unstable Foundations Bank Contains: Small Fishing Net, Tinderbox, Mithril Hatchet, Hammer, 298 Fishing Bait, Fishing Rod, Steel Pickaxe, 35041gp, 17x Wine Of Zamorak (33,456gp), 255x Air Rune, 1,114x Water Rune, 452x Earth Rune, 233x Fire Rune, 9x Cosmic Rune, Staff of Air, Staff of Water, Staff of Earth, Wizard Hat (blue), Wizard Robe (blue), Blue Skirt, Amulet of Magic This account is 3days old, Never been reported Doesnt have Current bank pin or recovery details, never changed the password, has an email log in. Message KamaPwnage for details Price: 500K rsgp o.n.oBEAST obby mauler!Selling my obby mauler; (inc all details, mems, every pass, creation details, everything.) 49cmb Has recovs, will be using OMM etc to change email and everything. Post/Pm THEN add my . (If you don't post/pm you will be ignored.) Has about ~2m wealth. RFD started. T4 duelist hat.[RSGP] Level 3 with 92 mining [RSGP]1. I will only take RSGP. 2. No swaps please. 3. You go first, we get a trusted free MM, or you pay OMM fees. 5. Always send me a PM if interested. 6. I am not responsible for anything that happens to an account after it is purchased. 7. You will be provided with all creation details and recovery information (No recovs/email). Current Bid: 0 Notes: - I bought this account off Smitty260, a trusted seller, a few weeks ago. I haven't found a need for this account. It comes with a fake email registered that I can transfer over to yours easily and all the recovery information (which I have tested). - Comes with rune pickaxe and a little cash . - Has not been actually used for 2 months.Buying obby mauler 40mBuying obby mauler 40m
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