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    [Selling] 99 mage - 99 fish - 94 mining - 80 smith [RSGP] ( 1 2)Hello. I am selling my 10hp Mage/Skiller. Stats and everything are in the pictures. Only one password ever used. Email that I used is available to be created (@). All other info will obviously be provided. I am only accepting RSGP. Feel free to ask any questions via posting on this thread, PM, or . Log in: Combat: Stats: Offer away.Buying Rare Name!Buying a RARE name not a shitty "cool" name. 2-5 Letters long unless its a really good name then i'll accept more letters. The word has to be a word in the dictionary (or rs related) or an abbreviation. PM ME THE NAME DO NOT REPLY HERE. Paying in RsGp, I have a budget which I will not tell you, I do not have / on anything like that. You go first or we use Trusted MM/OMM split fee's 50:50 (im not one of the dicks who says YOU PAY FEE'S). So yeh pm me the name, goodluck me xD*Level* 57 RANGE --->Staking or w/e but you could create a ******** room and we go there or just pm over here/rs. It has no recoveries and no email I don't think, if it does have a email I don't own it, I just made a fake one so I could login. The account is 60 defence, 10 hp, as seen in the picture, the combat level is so amazingly low, combat 18, could you imagine that with full dragon+ornament kit + red hween /borrowed phat, (that was my outfit) awesome account for hosting dice, lounging around, or a trophy account tbh. The account is under a month old and has subscribed membership until the 27th of Augest if i'm not mistaken. I am ONLY accepting RuneScape Gold Pieces. Some pictures :- :// lvl 3 skiller with 99 stat [RSGP]buying lvl 3 with 99 stat. paying by rsgp. post accounts below[RSGP] Selling a decent skillerSelling this skiller have no need for it anymore What you get with this purchase - Email Address Date made Browser used Membership info Last 3 passwords S/B - 1m A/W - 10mSelling AMAZING F2P STR PURE!!Selling for RSGP only. Please do NOT offer any swaps. Highest offer will win or the one that catches my eye. Here are the pictures, I will go first for a very trusted person. Thx: Thx You can email me on [email protected] I dont know how works ?
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