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    Selling Rune Pure with all scarfs,grim hood,etcyes,Selling a rune pure,kind of a skiller with ALL the holydays items UNLESS santa suit. i'm not looking mutch 4 it i think 10-15m is A/W ---------------------------------------------- pm me or add me on for every offer [email protected] 99range account or 99 strengthHi im looking to buy an account with 99range and all other stats 1. Or an obby mauler with 99 strength.Selling Bunny ears + account!sold to iamorange12buying accountsi have 340$ USD on paypal, and i wanna buy one of the following: level 3 skillers: - 99 agility $50+ - 99 dungeoneering $100+ - 99 hunter $35+ - 99 runecrafting $100+ - 99 thieving $50+ - 99's 4+ 50-250+ depending on the 99s pures: - obby mauler with 1 prayer $20 if 60-80 str, 100 if 80-99 str - 1 def pure, with 50-60 attack, and 80-99 strength, 1-43 prayer 50-100 other: - 3 letter username with blank stats (all 1's) $50 - 99 hp @ 25 combat $75 - non email login, 35 def, 35 hp, all 1's $20-30[WTB] Range 2H PureI'm looking to buy an f2p Range 2H'er. Im willing to swap for two decent accounts; 97 combat level, max cooking. 69 combat level, 96 fletching, subscription membership.Crazy Purchase!Looking for a trusted Member to create a brand new RS account with the name i provide and train it to the following: 25 Magic 20 Ranged Must be in that order. Train the Magic to 25 first and then the Ranged to 20. No recoveries or e-mail to be set on it please I will be trading my old level 89 combat main account for this. It has no recovery questions or black marks. PM me or post hereCB 23+13 Summon Tank | 99 Summoning| 44 Defence ( 1 2)This is one of the epic accounts of my collection of accounts i've made over the years that I spent involved in this game. All of my accounts are rare/unique/original and I am the original owner/creator of them. This was a 4 month project which cost me over 400M in runes/shards/secondaries/other supplies to create not to mention my time. I have an attachment to this account but have little desire to play this game anymore and find myself logging in less and less so i'd rather find an interested buyer who can put it to good use and rule the wild Stats: Combat Level: Equipment: Bank: Login: I am accepting... Western Union, MAIL payments, Money gram, Bank wire, and RS GP Valued @ Market price. NOTHING ELSE. Leading Offer: $250 A/W: $700 Post offers or contact information only (or PM it to me), I am not interested in what you have to say about my account all posts not pertaining to a potential sale will be reported and user infracted thanks!Selling obby maulerjust a standard obby mauler, 60 strength 47 hp, with 24 magic everything else 1. bought it a while back and never used it. sorry about no pics pm me for details or if your interested also comes with 1 month membership
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