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    [RSGP] Account Sale! Pro pures! Pro stakers! Maxed Mains and 9 HP! [RSGP]Whats up . Im looking to get rid of a ton of accounts i have laying around. only going to be taking rsgp for the moment until i can get paypal situated. Please add my and if you have any questions. ----------All accounts come recovery question and email free--------- [email protected] Account 1: Maxed main, has turmoil, great for PvM or staking. Account 2: Pro Gmaul rusher/soulwars pure. 99 mining, comes with full zammy book + mith gloves! tons of pure quest done. Account 3: Perfect Rapier Staker. 99 attack, 98 strength (200k from 99). Comes with rapier, 99 fishing and 99 hunter. Great account to make money on quick. Account 4: 9hp account! not much to explain here, pretty damn rare account, all stats are 1 except hp which is 9! Account 5: and Bunny ears account. Another rare account ive had for ages. Account 6: "Almost" maxed main. 200k from 99 hp and 300k from 98 def. could be maxed out in 2 days. Post the account number and your offer, then add me on ! [email protected][WTS][WTT] Gmaul starter pureClosed.Buying a starter accountBasically buying any made account that doesn't have an email login, recovery, or email registered. Not looking to spend a lot, just want a random account. Can be level 3 with no skills whatsoever, post up.Selling 99 Magic 10 HP Account (Level 3)!I MESSED UP THE TITLE lol.....THE ACCOUNT IS 50 COMBAT....I apologize. Selling level fifty 10 HP, 99 magic account. Looking for serious offers only. All information will be supplied to you during the trade. Message me on or this website :) [email protected]) Stats: :// Log in screen: :// Offense History: :// to swap good g2h pker for skiller.Hello guys! I am looking to trade this account for a level 3(preferred) skiller for an account with 80+ mining and NO wealth. I have all passwords, emails, and recoveries. Pictures below. I WILL go first.[SALE] Fully Quested, Almost Maxed Obby Mauler [SALE]Alright first off before you read i want to clear off some stuff. (Please don't take this thread as a joke) Look at my posts clearly it seems like i am new. However! this is not the case because I have forgotten the password or Username to my first account. The account had 1k+ Posts a lot of vouches and no negative feedback. Furthermore I have already done a trade with the most trusted Firecaper on this forum. His main picture is my Berserker Pure finishing Jad. Also recently finished a 105M trade, i payed for OMM. However no doubt we will use a Verified for our transaction. AND I WILL PAY 100% FEES Now that, that is clear let us move on ------------------------------------------------------------------------- First off the account is EMAIL username. However knowing I was making this account for trading purposes i put a non possible email, and it has never had recoveries and has had same password since day #1. Meaning once you change the password; the account if yours forever should you choose to keep it. (Obviously can get every color Samba and Eastern from the shop cba to show all the sets) Info: -Account comes with all items above. - 0 exp in Attack and Defense. -This account is 'famous' in world 18 among Pures its range. -Max damage in PvP gear so far is about 430, enemy HP range is about 600HP MAX (even maulers). I.E. 2 hit anything with ease. -This account was not soulwar'd Payment: I do not take Paypal + Mains AT ALL! I am mainly looking for accounts: -Turmoil Pures (Don't have to have 95 Prayer just ALL quests done) -Pures+AddyGloves+DT+0EXPDEF -RSGP Offer form: ( If you don't fill out in this format don't post or i won't regard it no matter how good offer is) Email: Offer: Agree to Verified : My email is: [email protected] thank you! I can give my facebook after trade for further security if you wish.Buying Gmaul rusherI'm Looking for a gmal rusher with a soulwars account high str no more then 50 attack and 40hp with desert treasure already done hmu if you got anything along the lines of that [email protected] Mining Lvl 3 15m Rsgp!Hello guys I've got a level 3 with 85 mining for sale. 15M is the lowest i go and i won't go first unless your highly trusted. No Recoverys Random Email 1 password ever used. Hit me up.
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