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    Solid Starter Skiller!Hello all, I am selling this account which is currently a skiller/pure but can obviously be taken more into the pure direction due to the one defence. Stats Log In Bans Wealth I will be training this account until its sold so it will be constantly updated with my progress./FONT] I WILL NOT BE GOING FIRST. you can pay for an omm no problem. No A/W price so just post your offers or add my and talk to me on there.[def Tank]Havnt decided buyout price yet, I will most likley reply on or ... feel free to add [email protected] [email protected]@. ty!☆ Selling Range/2H Pure with a 99! ☆ ( 1 2)Hey guys, im selling my level 52 with the following stats: Attack: 40 Strength: 57 Defense: 1 Range: 70 Prayer: 52 Magic: 57 Runecrafting: 1 Construction: 40 Dungeoneering: 42 Hitpoints: 47 Agility: 48 Herblore: 41 Thieving: 24 Crafting: 45 Fletching: 80 Slayer: 1 Hunter: 1 Mining: 23 Smithing: 1 Fishing: 92 Cooking: 27 Firemaking: 40 Woodcutting: 99 Farming: 1 Summoning: 1 Im going to tell you right now it has 1M worth of Members stuff on it but thats all the money it has. It has the skills for Money Making but it only has 1m on it. Message me or post your offers on here. Thanks. :)Selling level 44 F2p pure with G2h!!!!here are some of the pics of the acc just post offer if ur interested Overall its a really great account for pking[RSGP][Paypal] Level 59 Granite Maul Pure Ready to PK! [email protected]@i am sellling this granite maul pure that i have made, its an amazing pking account, i have made several hundred mill with this account.. it has 2 trickster robe bottoms. it has 50Att 90STR 1DEF 66RNG 59CB and 56HP. it has 1 everything else! No A/W set yet i will only accept paypal from people who i deem trustworthy! add my ,post here, or pm me - [email protected][RSGP] 2 REALLY Nice Skillers [PAYPAL] ( 1 2)I am here selling my 2 nice skillers. I just do not have time for them anymore. Neither have black marcs. Here they are: Current Bids: Account #1: 3.5m Account #2: Make One! First is my rune miner: Anyone know how to get rid of email? My other nice Skiller:Whip Pure; 70 attack, 85 str, 76 hp, 44 pray, 92wcOops Close Wrong ThreadSelling good range pure with g maul stats. {RSGP/and ACCOUNT SWAP ONLY}Go ahead and bid RSGP if thats how you wana pay A/W price is 30mil. but if you wana trade then i am ony looken for good pker accounts, pm me about account swap, here are pics of account stats and stuff - STAT PIC (if you cant see pic and dont wana bother in waiting for more pics, the stats are,, 50 atk 72 str 87 range 64 hp.) [IMG=://][/IMG] AND COMBAT LVL PIC (if you cant see pic and dont wana bother in waiting for more pics, the cb lvl is 58.) [IMG=://][/IMG] Uploaded with AND proof of no recoveries, and that the account doesnt have an email regestration, also has like 6 or 7 days of membership left [IMG=://][/IMG] Uploaded with and last pic which is proof its in the safe zone- [IMG=://][/IMG] Uploaded with -the account is a really good pker, and shines alot in range. has the ability to use mauler with okay str, i know if you lvl str without lvling constatuion. you can lvl str like 20 more times without lvling your cb lvl. the account name is NicklovesAlex so go look him up on highscores if you want. OFFER AWAY!
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