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    Selling great 1 Def Pure with Rare name (Pics)Selling 1 Def Pure with a awesome name. Looking for Items or RSGP, no swaps. 40 att 1 def 71 str 59 (1k from 60) Hits 67 Mining 57 Fishing Pics:Making Pures Or Skillers Of You Likingi will make the account and then we use a omm. u have to pay in rsgp and if u want membership it will cost extra.buyin range 2h pure f2p ( rsgp ) (1P 1D) (No Rec) ( 1 2)Willing to throw down some rsgp for a Good range / 2h account. I plan om using r2h only so please have an account for offer with the following: -1-40 Attack -70-99 Strength -1 Defence -1 Prayer -50-95 Range -Hp is not a concern STILL LOOKING POST PICS HERE[RSGP] Account Sale! Pro pures! Pro stakers! Maxed Mains and 9 HP! [RSGP]Whats up . Im looking to get rid of a ton of accounts i have laying around. only going to be taking rsgp for the moment until i can get paypal situated. Please add my and if you have any questions. ----------All accounts come recovery question and email free--------- [email protected] Account 1: Maxed main, has turmoil, great for PvM or staking. Account 2: Pro Gmaul rusher/soulwars pure. 99 mining, comes with full zammy book + mith gloves! tons of pure quest done. Account 3: Perfect Rapier Staker. 99 attack, 98 strength (200k from 99). Comes with rapier, 99 fishing and 99 hunter. Great account to make money on quick. Account 4: 9hp account! not much to explain here, pretty damn rare account, all stats are 1 except hp which is 9! Account 5: and Bunny ears account. Another rare account ive had for ages. Account 6: "Almost" maxed main. 200k from 99 hp and 300k from 98 def. could be maxed out in 2 days. Post the account number and your offer, then add me on ! [email protected][RSGP] 67 mining CHEAPPictures say it all. A/W 5m Cheap starter miner, never botted. no black marks.buying decent level 3 skiller!!buying level 3 skiller decent!! 20m!!![E P I C] Level 45 Mage Boxer- 82 Mining!Selling a nice Starter Pure for Mage Boxer / Potential Tank, and a good money maker with being so close to 85 Mining! will provide all information on acc Looking for Runescape GP, Post offers! I will never refuse a Trusted MM, and will go first to any trusted rank[90 Vouches] Selling Dung Pure 200k Tokens ( 1 2)Sold
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