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    ~Selling CHEAP starting STR pure [RSGP]Selling this starting pure CHEAP because i need money to stake Starting Bid: 750K A/W= 2M All spammers will be reported (acc now has 65 str. letting this bad boy go for only 1M![$5+ Donator] ★Dumbduckie's Account Thread★ ( 1 2)When ever I make an account and am selling it i will post in this thread! I DO NOT buy and sell accounts! I am the Original Owner of these accounts! When you buy my account you will recieve- First Pass Date it was Created Time it was created(All EST time) Login The accounts will be fake emails at fake websites! -ToS- You will go first If using an OMM you will pay fees You will vouch and i will do the same You will pay in RSGP only ✦Account 1✦ A/W: 200m Current Bid: 60m ✦Account 2✦ A/W: 130m Current Bid: 15m Please post Code: Account #- Offer[RSGP]- Agree To ToS- /-selling mage and range starter pure!dont have an a/w just want to see what i would get offered. will sell to highest bidder and remove email when i have a serious buyer. has done animal magnetism, priest in peril, and dwarf cannon. feel free to add my [email protected][RSGP] Selling wc skiller/pure with 2005-2009raresHi, I'm looking for a trusted buyer that I can go first to. *82wc now. *No email. *Recoverys last set 2008 *Old holiday items. *1def/pray Inventory: :// Stats: :// Combat level: :// Log in: :// S/B: none A/W: none I'm going first to trusted otherwise MM/OMM.[RSGP] Selling Starting Obby Mauler - 82Mining [RSGP]Stats: Login: Looking for a quick trade. Not going first. A/W:5M Add my [email protected] if you're interested in buying.***DFS Pure***{PP}I am selling my DFS pure. Defense pure. BEAST!! Looking for about 10-20$ but willing to negotiate. Account is now P2p [email protected][SWAP] Buying decent pureI'm after a decent pure either range/mage or melee pure with good skills on it, possibly even a dung pure. No recoveries. No E-Mails. Black marks are acceptable to a level. My price/offer? Take your pick of any/possibly all (depending of decency of account) accounts in my "rs account market thread" in my sig. Looking forward to my first good trade -_- and reading offers. HubbzyxxSelling a level 3 character with 99 WCAs the title says, selling my level 3 account with 99 wc, open to offers
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