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    selling two pures/pkers ({RSGP ONLY})I am selling a Dclaw rusher, his stats are almost perfect, he has 61 atk, 68 str, 61 hp, 57 cb. he has no blackmarks, has some wealth, and has never had recoveries or email registration. I am also selling a str mage hybrid, he as originally suppose to be a F2P pker, but his stats are very based so you can make him into anything you want, his stats ar 40 atk, 68 str, 60 mage, 49 cb, and he also has 88 wc. and again no blackmarks and never had recovieres or email registration. OFFER WAY, AND I AM ONLY TAKING RSGP A/W for either account is 10mil A/W for both accounts at same time is 15mil (special offer!) PM me for questions -STATS OF HYBRID F2P PKER, THAT YOU CAN MAKE INTO ANY STR/MAGE BASED PKER. Selling 52cb g maul rusher 15M A/W15M A/W contact me at: [email protected] pics:[rsgp] airforceducky account sale [rsgp]ah! AIRFORCEDUCKYS stater account shop well as you can see bout the tittle, im here selling a few accounts. a STARTER PURE! STATER MAIN! here are some pics for you fellers Number one! A/W 20m (considering it has a month of membership) log in- stats- Number two! a/w 20m! LOW HP PURE! couple days of mems left! log in- stats- so hit me up on here leave me a pm or comment below please let me know something about this accounts offer is in siggy below!! recovs will be provided with accounts WILL USE A MM! not going first.[rsgp] airforceducky account sale [rsgp]hey its airforceducky here. i finally unlocked my main and i need money on it for pking and 99 mage soo im here selling some of my accounts. here are some pics. number one a/w 20m. (considering it has month membership added) level 89 starter main log in- /swiftkit">[​IMG]
    stats of account-[RSGP] Selling Gravite Pure [RSG]Hello i'm selling my f2p gravite pure. I'm not looking for swaps or Irl Cash.Selling Zeal Pure 7722 Zeal ( 1 2)Hey all, Im selling a zeal pure it has 7722 zeal its combat level is 4 cause i went out world 18 killing looters for the lol's so its got 5 strength. I will be accepting only rsgp. Here are a few pictures of the account. :// :// :// If your interested in this account leave me a message on here or add my my is [email protected] Cheers All.Selling 10 HP 99 Mage (RSGP/Upgrades)Sooo, I got 2 of these accounts, so I wanna sell one of them to get membership on my other. Willing to take offers, in either RSGP or upgrades. 60 mining, 45 smithing, 3 dung, 10 hp, and 99 mage is all that is on the account. Pictures acting funny but more then willing to meet in the game. Username log in, with a sick love you name. No recoveries on the account, no e-mail registered, and no membership. Let me know.selling starter range 2her w/ 95 fishingA/W is 6m post offers please
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