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    Lv 9 Prayer Skiller! For Sale!Hello, I would like to sell my Prayer Skiller. -You go first or VMM. -RSPG or Paypal Only. -USERNAME login. -I AM the original owner of the account. Current Bid:4M (Benz) -A/W: 6M PM me for or give me yours.[RSGP]Selling 99 Miner [1DEF]I have finished with my account botted to 99 its been about 3 months since its been botted no bans or resets. Bank has pretty much nothing but seeds from the master farmer. looking for RSGP. I will not go first but MM's free or Paid are welcome. Please post offers if their are anymore pictures you would like please ask :[email protected] 55 with 97 miningSOLD! Thanks for looking! im selling my pure in the work account i have lost interest in it and just looking to get something out of it. it is original pass and has never had revcoves set, 0 black marks looking to trade for rsgp if interested you can add me you [email protected] or pm or post on here to make an offer thanks ://s1199.photobucket/albums/...untforsale.jpg ://s1199.photobucket/albums/...ntforsale2.jpg ://s1199.photobucket/albums/...ntforsale3.jpg ://s1199.photobucket/albums/...ntforsale4.jpg[RSGP] Selling awesome skiller! 89 mining, 90 FMing, 54 dung and more. [900+ Total]Selling this awesome skiller, i'm focusing on another skiller at the moment. Highlights • 3 letters Login name (with spaces between each letter). • 89 mining - 54 dung, mine runite! • Well rounded stats, 90 FMing also. • Other little things such as 65 crafting - decent agility, cooking, herblore level. • I have ALL the info, including the PIN numbers i used, date of creation, ZIP, email, ISP, IP if needed, previous passwords, etc... My Rules • I'll go first to TRUSTED members, having an high post count is NOT being trusted. • We'll be using a Free MM, or a paid MM/OMM at your expense, you choose. Unless you want to go first. The Account Login Recoveries cant be deleted, they will be provided upon purchase tho. Stats + Wealth + Proof Has more things in bank, they dont add up to more than 100k tho if i'm correct, mainly outfits and usual skiller tabs with "1 of each" tele-tabs. Offences ACCOUNT IS NOT MUTED S/B: 10mm (Based on wealth i can't sell, as it's mems) A/W: 50m (Just an A/W) MY ONE AND ONLY : [email protected] POST HERE BEFORE ADDING ME!Selling a 9 hp account. 4 combatLast logged in 887 days ago. please post here to offer, or contact me at [email protected] skiller with HP level 9----- FIRST OF ALL -------- IM NOT GOING FIRST BY ANY MEANS IF YOU WANT TO USE YOU PAY FOR IT! Secondly - Constitution level is 9, which means account is older than Runescape Classic and can wear ofcourse Veteran's Cape. There are no blackmarks, i will provide picture via if anyone is interested also you will get confirm on your email so, account will belong to you. If anyone is interested i will take price offerings in this thread and also in . Please be advised that I DO NOT WANT RSGP OR ANY OTHER RS ACCOUNTS. Moneybookers transfer is best option for me but if not i can look into Paypal also.Two-letter name, 1 def pure, lvl 49, MM and DT doneSelling this low leveled 1 def pure with a lot of potential! It's an email login, but the display name is 2 letters. No numbers, the first letter is capitalized. I can verify the account name to legit buyers in-game. The account has 1def, and has Desert Treasure and Monkey Madness completed! S/B is 10m, the A/W is 50m. LOOKING FOR RSGP ONLY! Will only go first if you are VERY trusted like 50+ vouches, if not you can go first- or we can use OMM/trusted MM but if there are fees you will pay them. If you're interested shoot me a PM!Selling F2p Range 2her 50cb!!!!Selling my lvl 50 range 2her account is pretty known on the west side of edgy lmao really good account to pk with. I am selling this account for $30 or 50m rsgp. I do not go first so do not waste my time asking, If you would like we can use an Omm at your own expense. Account has just recieved membership credit today one month of membership Non-Recurring. Account is ready for whatever you would like to use it for Pictures: ://tinypic/view.php?pic=25s5wcg&s=7 ://tinypic/view.php?pic=10moo6r&s=7 ://tinypic/view.php?pic=xgjiqf&s=7 ://tinypic/view.php?pic=sl2t4y&s=7 Send me a pm or email or just reply to this thread Account is now avaliable for sale
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