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    Lvl 3 - 86 Woodcutting PureWill only trade with trusted players, will not go first, paypal only. Need to sell asap.buying level 3 skiller (6m to play with)buying a level 3 skiller only got 6mill to play with on this after being scammed by PHANZ but anyways. tittle says all im looking fora somewhat decent level 3 skiller post offers of what you go thanks is located in my sig. thanks much, airforceducky![RSGP] Selling a pure! [RSGP]Hello rs! Im selling a level 55 pure! :// :// A/w = 6m Add me on : [email protected][RSGP/PP] Ranged Pure | 99 Herblore (T) | 5k+ EXT pots/ovls | POTENTIAL [Must See]Hey guys, Looking to sell my very low level Pure for some RSGP or even some money to start off my new project.. a Level 3 Skiller This account has roughly 200-250m worth of extreme potions and overloads. It is also full of potential as you can do virtually anything with the account, keep in mind it still has 1 Defence/Prayer IMO the 99 Herblore cape (t) is the best out of them all. Don't be just like the rest of them... wear a cape which will distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack. Not to mention the 60m already on the account (ranger set/fury + nice cash stack) keep in mind 250m worth of potions. The potions will pretty much last you forever... you won't need a super set ever again.. Overloads will boost your stats by 26 for 5 minutes THEN start to degrade.. If you wish to discuss this account further add me on : [email protected] AUTOWIN: 50m RSGP STATS - POTIONS/BANK TAB - BEST CAPE IN GAME - GREEN BLACKMARKS - NO RECOVERIES/MEMBERSHIP STILL ACTIVESelling woodcutting skiller! Level = 71! [RSGP]Hello , today I will be selling this woodcutting skiller with a Woodcutting level of 71. No black marks or anything. It has recoveries but they're ready to be removed ASAP. I want to get rid of this spare account as I need RSGP. No wealth in bank, except for some hatchets (including RUNE) Because I'm new I will be using MM and not going first to anybody except who I deem trusted. Please feel free to message me if you need anything. My - [email protected] :// ium :// ium :// ediumBuying a LVL 3 with ANY 99! 15m!Buying a lvl 3 with any 99 I have upto 15m to spend Looking for a level 3 with 99 Mining mainly. EDIT: Now have 45MSelling 99thiev 59 cmbtSelling this random account. Note all stats are botted they were botted 1-2months ago so not really any chance in getting banned. Has no black marks and has just over 16.3m thiev xp. a/w 30m will give all recovery answers to the winner. also its 59 combat[RSGP] Bastz's Account Store (Pures, Skillers, Maulers, Gravite, etc) [MoneyPak/PP] ( 1 2)
    1. I will only take RSGP or you can go out an buy a MoneyPak to transfer through Paypal. 2. No swaps please. 3. You go first, we get a trusted free MM, or you pay OMM fees. 4. Remember that autowins are just autowins, they are by no means firm. 5. My $/m is .5/m. 6. Always send me a PM if interested. 7. I am not responsible for anything that happens to an account after it is purchased. 8. You will be provided with all creation details and recovery information. Note: No account has been suicided, except for the miner (and it has been inactive for 2 months. All accounts are in the Green Zone with no offenses. All accounts have a fake email/no email registered and no recoveries. No account has been a member. The log in screen below is the same for all accounts: Account #1 - Gravite Pure - Current Bid: 11m Notes: - Not an email login (display name) - I am angry about the 3 def. A warning: Apparently when you die in the wilderness with it, it reverts to defensive attack style. Be wary of this as this is a very high hitter. One hit for me equaled enough experience for 3 def. Only sacrificed one combat level: combat 56. - It is a total beast pker, max hit is 230 with strength amulet and strength potion. - Comes with a nice starting bank Account #2 - Runecrafter - A/W: None set. Notes: - 66 rc = at least 7 air runes per rune essence, 3 earth runes, 2 cosmics, etc. - Comes with 5k rune ess - Good moneymaker and can also play GOP Account #3 - Obby Mauler - Sold to elementality95 for 8m Account #4 - Miner Sold for 20m to eilrahc21 Feel free to PM me or ask any questions about any of the accounts!​
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