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    Awsome Account Users @@ -----rsgp----Hi i have only 2 acc user names for sale both accs are level 3 Name 1: HeyHoney Name 2: SIcK5aZ Will only use a OMM rsgp onlyBuying Str or Dung Pure200k tokens for dung. Good stats for str pure. Spending no more then 60m. Will not go first unless trusted.Buying a mining account!I am looking for a 90+ mining acc. Lemme know if youll sell. I will only trade with reputable people on .Selling Skiller with 99 Mining [RSGP]Username: Fwesh Has 3 Weeks left of Membership. No recoveries set. No PIN set. Offer Runescape Gold only please[: Blackmarks: Green Zone 2 different camera angles to prove i am the owner of the account. and text in chatbox saying i am. HIGHEST BID: 20m A/W: 25m(RSGP+Paypal) Skills Mate Dungeoneering Emporium! 80 Dung Pures/Stakers! Everything! ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Wow guys! This business has really picked up in its popularity! I have sold over 30 accounts within 1 month and I am still selling them! What I sell: 200k Dungeoneering Token Accounts Dungeoneering Training Gravite Pures, These are 64 Dungeoneering Please post below/shoot me a pm with your , I will try my best to add you =) A/W NOW 50M!! SO CHEAP!! COME AND GET THEM NOW!!(Paypal) Selling Accounts!!! Includes Ranged pure, str pure, zerker pure, + (Vouched ( 1 2)I have 4 accounts for sale. I will only be accepting paypal and maybe RSGP and will not go first. I have quite a few vouches but im willing to use a MM. All of these accounts are in the "green zone" or have no offences. Pm me with offers or post below. Level 57 Str Pure with 75 str Level 57 Ranged Pure With about 200k and 77 ranged Level 80 Zerker Pure with about 200k and 84 str Level 97 main account with 91 woodcutting and 81 fishingSelling PERFECT Pure/Skiller/Staker [With Mem] Great account!Pics: Add my : [email protected] Defence Pure / Summoning Tank [Trusted Users Only]Will only buy from members I deem trustworthy. The account MUST NOT HAVE RECOVERIES / EMAIL. If you have an email you must change it to mine in the trade. I can pay in verified PayPal, or RSGP. I will ALWAYS use a MM/OMM. I will most likely go first to people with 30+ vouches. Thanks.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.