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    [WTB]Low Level hcannon pure,offering 9 acsI've got many accs at your disposal for a hcannon pure,my budget is low,soo i can swap,i'm looking for a low level hcannon pure. accs:lvl 48 gmauler,lvl 60 gmauler,lvl 72 pure with 92 range,lvl 73 pure with 99 firemaking,99 thieving skiller,lvl 94 main with full void,lvl 78 zerker pure mage pureim after a mage pure looking for 80+ mage dont really care about anything else. will pay extra for arcane neck and higher dung all other stats 1 would be nice... leave your offersVanPersie's Account Shop [Great Accounts]VanPersie's Pure Shop Account 1: Granite Maul Pure : Desert treasure & Monkey madness Done: SOLD to Fatalll Account 2: Gravite 2H Pure: : [email protected] Awesome Dung Pure - 400K Tokens - 80 Ranged ( 1 2)Hey Guys , i'm selling my awesome dungeoneering pure which you can buy chaotics for once you get level 80s in stats. It can currently wield the chaotic crossbow so if you don't want to train you can just get that. The Accounts Dungeoneering Tokens The Accounts Statistics The Accounts Email And Recoverys Email can be changed within 2 minutes , and I will provide the recovery questions to the buyer. The Accounts Offences Offer Away[Paypal] Selling Jav Range Staker (78 Range, 68HP, Member)- 55CBHey guys, Selling my range staker, I never usually play Runescape but I recently made this account a member to stake on it and never really did so here I am selling it. There is no A/W, I will just accept the best offer after 24 hours or so. Account Features: *Staking Name *78 Range - Morrigans Javelins (Spec nearly 1 hits people) *Full Saradomin Book / Armadyl Book of Law! (Best Bonuses!) Post Bids, Paypal Only! : [email protected][CB 50] 99 Crafting / 99 Cooking | RSGP.I will allow a recovery test. I will go first when trusted. Email will be changed to yours. Pics: Post bids below, thanks! :******hand Cannon Pure********Hand Cannon Pure! It's capable of one hitting people of it's level! Nice pure to PK with. If I get an offer I like I will sell it today. There is no A/W Pictures below will show you what you need to know.Level 58 Pure| 99 Woodcut| 89 Mage| Desert Treasure completedsold closed
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