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    Buying Level 3 Skiller [PP/PA/RSGP/SWAP]Hey guys, I'm looking for a legit level 3 skiller. Looking for something with a "wow factor" whether that be a certain 99, a high level in a skill, an awesome name, or a hard to obtain quest item/outfit. I can either pay through paypal, PlayerUp, RSGP (10mill max) or I can trade my 60 att, 99 str, 1 def account. Post pictures, and pm me account names![SWAP] Looking for acc with and Bunny Ears [SWAP]Hey guys. Im not sure what the price of accounts like these are worth so I am offering my main. Id like the account as low in stats as possible. I am willing to swap and having an OMM (Your fees) and doing a recovery test on both accounts, mine and yours. The account must have and Bunny Ears. My account: I am the original owner 119 CB, 99 Str + 99 WC Most major quests complete Created in 2004. Login: Email will be changed during the trade Recoverys will be given to you. Stats: Slayer is in the 60s. Bank: Blackmarks: NEVER received an offence. Quests: If the quest isnt in the list below, its been completed. You will recieve: Creation Date, ISP, Recoveries, Email change, Previous Passwords, Moving house date. Post below pl0xselling some mining skillersaccount 1: 98 mining, all other skills are lvl 1 (Current bid - SGS (28m)) account 2: 87 mining, 70 hunter, 5 prayer, all other skills are lvl 1 account 3: 61 thieving, all other skills lvl 1, bank is worth about 450k no AW set on any accounts... bid away.SWAPPING FOR A GOOD PURE Or ZEAL PURE!:///showthread.php?p=99...=1#post9914267 aim//or on here.Looking for an obby maulerI'm looking for any obby mauler with decent stats. Willing to spend around 10mil.2,033 Zeal Mule. ENOUGH FOR A 99Yes I'm new to the community that doesn't mean I'm an love you. The only way I'm going first if is if you have either 1.20 Vouches 2. You pay for a MM Now lets get on to the account still has another month of membership No recovery's No email Will provide all creation details after purchase No paypal! Will accept some swaps Looking for RSGP post offers below.Buying Starter F2P Gravite Pure!Must have: No more than 45 Attack! No more than 1 Defence! 120K dungeoneering tokens or more! High stats are NOT required, I'd even prefer them to be a bit lower. Leave a thread to your account here & add a price range you were looking at.[rsgp] account sale [rsgp]ah! AIRFORCEDUCKYS stater account shop well as you can see bout the tittle, im here selling a few accounts. a STARTER PURE! STATER MAIN! here are some pics for you fellers Number one! A/W 20m (considering it has a month of membership) log in- stats- Number two! a/w 20m! LOW HP PURE! couple days of mems left! log in- stats- so hit me up on here leave me a pm or comment below please let me know something about this accounts offer is in siggy below!! recovs will be provided with accounts WILL USE A MM! not going first.
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