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    Selling BEAST 40 Attack F2P Pure |73 Strength|I am ONLY accepting PAYPAL or RSGPSelling Lvl 3 Rune [email protected][email protected]!Hi guys, I'm selling a lvl 3 rune miner with 86 mining. I dont have a paypal card so I'm selling my account for 5-10m runescape gold. Minimum bid starts at 5m Bid:____[Sell] Lvl 3 skiller with 75 fishing and more for just 5mI need money on my main and as I haven't played / need my skiller anymore im just bumping it away. 5m A/W pictures below, good starter acc. -- FAST!![RSGP] Selling AMAZING Level 40 Prayer/Magic Pure! [RSGP]CLOSED. Mod please, lock this topic. THANKS!---Ranged staker, MUST SEE!---[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] After countless hours of botting I feel as if my accounts are wasted in vain. I have quit runescape for good as I have played way too long for my good. I have a level 49 which is my range boxer. It has 20 attack 51 strength 80 constitution 1 prayer/defense/summoning 61 range 11 magic. I have won over 1billion gp by staking (must admit most of the money came from cleaning this one particular player-got 49m off him). My starting bid is a $20 itunes card, I will not accept rsgp because obviously I have no use for it and I will not accept paypal payments because I do not have any experience with paypal. If you wish to use a MM I am willing to but you will have to pay for the fee's. If you are interested please email me at [email protected] or message me on this site. I repeat, I do not accept rsgp or paypal payments.Several F2P pures for sale... ( 1 2 3)Couple pkers here for sale. Three basic 60 str, 33 combat obby maulers, and a 50 combat ranged 2h.. -You're going first, unless extremely trusted. I'll do 50/50 to somewhat trusted members. -Only taking RSGP offers. -I'll help with any problems associated with the accounts being locked(provided you're the one who actually bought it). -I'm the creator of all accounts I sell, and I'm also the only one that plays on them. -Post in thread if you're seriously offering something. For "legitimacy" of course. Account #1: Range 2H! The account is balanced (range/melee). Also very near next STR level. No email log in, no registered email, but recoveries. Asking price is 12M. Account #2: Starter 1/60/1 obby maulers. I've got THREE, fresh obby maulers for sale. -All three come with same stats, maybe like 1HP level lower or higher. -All three are email log in. -None of them have emails or recoveries. -Asking price is 7M. -They all come relatively cleaned. Maybe 10K max. Basic 1/60/1 set up. Normal 60 STR, 1 everything else mauler you can form into whatever you want. 33 Combat. The other two have 60STR, 1 everything except 48 HP and 32 combat. Thanks in advance! Thanks in advance.[BUYING][RSGP] DT 1 Def pureBuying any pure that has 1 defense and has done desert treasure. I have a 90 combat, 45 defense, 80 att, 90 str, 76 hp acc. Other than that, ill take offers. I will not be taking accounts that have recoveries on them. I want pictures and such. Under little circumstance will i be going first.[PayPal/RSGP] Lvl 4, 66 Woodcutting! AutoWin - £5/$8/10MHey guys and girls! Im selling my account that has 66 woodcutting! Sadly, because i was gonna make it a mage, it has 4 mage meaning its lvl 4 combat. Heres a picture! The autowin price is £5/$8/10M! Otherwise, I'm looking for at least £2/$3/4M! The account comes with a rune hatchet and 200k! Also some logs because i couldnt be bothered to go sell me, just use em for fire making! Thanks for reading!, hope you enter a bid! Contact me - Pm, comment, email - [email protected] or - hazzamazzadude. - HazzaGFX
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