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    [RSGP/PayPal] Selling 71 CB Void pure 88 Range!Acc's stats are 42 atk 42 str 42 def 88 range 44 prayer 42 mage and 51 HP Account has full Void with ranger helmet, ranging ammy , ava's, and dbow. Pics to come soon. Taking offers atm![rsgp] Selling Awesome Range 2her!! [swaps]Hey everyone, selling my F2P Range 2h account. I am accepting SWAPS or RSGP for this account. It no longer has the 2.8m on it (got cleaned staking) but it still has the pking stuff. A/W = 20M All offers acceptedInsanely good miner!selling my mining account i use it to get money because it has a level 80 mining skill selling it for only 7m as an autowin and taking offers here are some pics ://s1113.photobucket/albums/...910-020548.png ://s1113.photobucket/albums/...910-020103.pngSelling two accounts [PriceCheck] [RSGP]Trying to see how much a 90 range+ , 50 hp.FULL Void, ava's. 42 atk/str/def/mage 44 pray Account would go for. and a obby mauler with 1 attack, 90+ str, and 61 range. More stats on them, but their the important ones. Thanks if you can help me out.Nice Starter Skiller RsgpHello lolymepk here selling a starter skiller i recently created i will not go first... because this acc has no email or recoveries leave ur in pm or on my post. only had 1 password decent name too!!! a/w: 7m RECOVERIES AND EMAIL skilllllsss noticble 91 cooking not botted either )))) BANK NOTHING REALLY JUST ORGANIZED GOOD TRADES PLZ WORKED HARD ON COOKINGBoss Pure [33 Vouches] [2.1k$ Traded] [1x99] [7 Accs Sold] [1 Defence] [Quested]Rules Plain & Simple 1. No SWAPS OF ANY SORT You Post one you get infracted 2. If Your Buying Via RSGP Its .55/M 3. 2 Options For Paypal 1. You Verify my Paypal VIA: Visa/MasterCard Gift Card Send It The Money Etc Etc Option 2: You Log Into a Order GP 4. You First or OMM Most Likely : Pokemoners/Platypi/FireZ [email protected] A/W= 75$buying skiller or purehi i am currently looking for a lvl 3 miner 99 mining 1 att def str range mage summon pray or a 10-30 hp range pure with 99 range pure.[290+ Vouches][105+ Acc's Sold] Lvl 56 | Wc /FM / Cook 99 | Member! ( 1 2 3)Click for my discounted account shop! -20%-30%! Any questions? Hit me up on . Price RSGP: 70M : [email protected] Request PM! I don't provide account information for my own security unless I you seem trusted in my eyes. I have acceptable recovery information that I will keep securely in my hands since theres is a known scam method to trick me out of account information with me having to refund the money. If you would have a problem with the account, I will help you get it back. Log in page: Combat level: Bank: Stats: Quest Points: Black Marks: wc For more accounts visit my account shop. Thanks
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