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    Swapping Dung account for any sorceress garden accountSwapping this>:///showthread.php?t=1239245 for a sorceress's garden account.Buying level 3 with a lot of zeals!Post a picture of the account and number of zeals and we can discuss prices. All payments will be through paypal.Looking to Buy a decent Pure up to 100m - You MUST BE TRUSTED - ( 1 2)Hey guys, Jipur here, and I'm tired of looking through threads of people trying to sell their accounts, but they aren't trusted. They have -30 posts, and 0 vouches. So anyways, I'm here looking to buy a decent pure for up to around 100m. You MUST BE TRUSTED. I'm not looking to buy a pure from someone, and then have them recover it within a week. If you have any questions, post here, PM me, or add me on : [email protected] . Thanks.Selling level threes Rune Mysteries DoneThey are all fresh accounts with Rune Mysteries done and fake email e.g: [email protected] Selling them for 100k each. Willing to go first for anybody. Acc Stock: 4Selling lv 3 9 HP!!!!! 93 CookingSelling rare 9 hp account. A/W: 75m : [email protected] Im not going first. OMM or you going first . LOGIN STATS COMBAT LEVEL MISC.63 Combat, 93 HP, Staking Prod.So i'm selling a staking prod i recently bought. Before going any further, please know these details. Membership until the 19th of october Lost City Done Corrupt D Scim (deg) for after DDS Specs are finished My Email / Recovers ARE set, we can change the email during the trade and if i can i'll delete recovers ALL info will be given to you in a notepad form, or i can copy and paste. 63 Combat, No Offences, other then DDS some rings of dueling super pots and monkfish and corrupt d scim, banks nothing. Picture of Stats: Price Check Thread: :///showthread.php?t=1241015 - Stakingfool PCed it at 40m. A/w: 35M S/B: 10M : [email protected] I'm fine w/ MM and recovery check.42 dung 45 str 1 deff 67 miningPost offers on this, idk if it's worth anything to anyone lol. C/B 5m - Dr Hobo[Paypal/RSGP] Selling EPIC Mage Tank |60 Def 60 Summoning 99 Hunting|Willing to use OMM or MM I am ONLY accepting Paypal and Rsgp. No SWAPS. I am the only owner. You will receive all the previous information upon purchase.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.