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    Selling Lvl 47 Cvls/obby Pure For RsgpSELLING LVL 47 PURE WITH 20 ATTACK, 76 STRENGTH, 1 DEFENCE, 1 PRAYER, 46 MAGIC, 66 MINING. I WILL SELL THIS FOR AN AGREED OFFER. I CAN ALSO THROW IN ANOTHER MAIN ACCOUNT CB LEVEL 90 WITH 84 STRENGTH, 75 ATTACK, AND 60 DEFENCE, WITH 75+ IN SKILLS FOR A SMALL PRICE TOO. PRIVATE MESAGE OR REPLY TO THIS THREAD IF INTERESTED. MESSAGE ME IN GAME AT 'eye of pain'[RSGP] looking for 99 agility or 99 smithing accountBuying 99 agility or 99 smithing account pm me or post below. Only buying with rsgp. Thanks[Buying|Swap]Im looking to swap my lvl 114(F2P) 120(P2P) main for a little pure/skiller, i haven't used the main im willing to swap in a long time and don't see the need in keeping it so am looking to swap it for an account that will keep me entertained.. find the main up for swap here. - :///showthread.php?t=1254854[RSGP] MuddKip's Zeal Mule - 4k zeal - combat 3 [RSGP] ( 1 2)I currently only have this 1 account at the moment but I'm working on more. Info: All accounts I will sell are made by me with no recoverys no email registered and only 1 password. FORMAT: Quote: Offer: : ACCOUNT 1: s/b: 30mil A/w: not knownAccounts for sale!!Hello i wanted to sell my accounts that i got pictures of the other account comes in a sec! Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with email is :[email protected] will accept accounts pures with member and some money on or rsgp!~{CB 53} (RSGP ONLY) Selling F2p STR Pure (RSGP ONLY){53 Cb}~Hey members... Im back selling an unused F2p Str pure of mine. It's been quite some time since ive used the account but i feel its not fair that it NOT be used. Only interested in SERIOUS buyers! Will NOT go first unless to a trusted member! ( Trusted = MY STANDARDS ) Anyway back to the account - Never been mems! No quests completed! Plenty of room to make a vicious G-Mauler acc. 1 PRAY 1 DEF {A/W - 10m} Login - Combat - Stats - Please post if interested and i will pm you my details to finalize the transactionbuying most zeals account possible!!!buying lvl 3 account with 2k+++ zeals paying top $ if any1 can also tell me wat kinda stats id be looking at with a lvl 3 with 2k+ zeals thanks.. example is 2k zeals just pretty much 99 of 1 skill only?Selling Level 3 With 500 Zeal [All Stats Level 1]closed.
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