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    Swap/Sell Starter obby pure.can either be made into an obby tank or obby mauler. Has good skilling stats for making money 54 rc _ can get yourself one of those rc staffs- No membership Offer away.[EXMOD][TRUSTED] 56CB 84Rng 99Wc 59Magic 4M Wealth, Membership[CHEAP][Amazing Pure]Title says all. Nice name. Has no recoveries, rolling membership subscription with previous seller's CC, will give you the previous seller's contact details. Owned for around 6 months, I don't play RS properly anymore. Selling for RSGP or PayPal. You go first for both, or you pay for OMM.Account Sale! [RSGP] [PP for TRUSTED only]Have a couple several accounts I need to sell off to make a quick buck for IRL stuff. Only accepting RSGP from non-trusted members, and PP from trusted ONLY. Account 1: Current Bid: 20M Account 2: Current Bid: $17 Account 3: Account 4: (The DEFENCE has been QUESTED.) No a/ws yet. Will be posted later. Thanks.~ :) Ranger staker :) ~Hiya guys, when mems ran out on my range staker it was of no use as we all know F2P staking is shittier than bronze armour So yeah, it's level... 51. Forgot to check that haha, and it rapes cun*s up tbh. Made a good few mill on it and now its useless if its not mem's. Babababa ATTACK: 20 STRENGTH: 49 RANGE: 64 HP : 80 As you can see it DOES have recovs but I'll give you those when you buy it, as for the registered email, its probably some random email so I'll go unregister it now But yeah that's it really, don't know what its worth so offer but would like to get around 40m or near that. Auto win - 70m hahah Please and thank youspending 15m on a lvl 3 skiller with at least 1 99title says it all it doesnt really matter what 99 id prefer it wasnt woodcutting though :lMost Powerful LVL 55 99 Strength|99 Hunter|15M+ RSGPAll obby mauler quests completed! Has Mith gloves 15M cash another 1-2M bank. I've managed to hit 460! not sure max hit! Ready to PK bank full of PK supplies I know all information on account I will remove email & recoveries I've actually not played for about 3 Months. This is the most powerfull account of its LEVEL! undoutebly I've quit RS so I don't accept RSGP I only accept payment via PP or BT or Moneygram There will be 3 day hold on Paypal payments only trusted users! non under 5 vouches thanks. Post on thread offers or PM me I will take $50SWAPS/SELL Account with 3 99'S!Either looking for a low level pure or around 10m Will go first bank is empty. Membership til 12th NOV. picsSelling F2P Def Pure / Starter Sum Pureclose
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