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    Lvl 3 with 74 mining!Hi, selling this lvl 3 that i was training to get 77 mining. It got a 14 day ban, but just got it back and no roll backs or anything. I've got a better way to goldfarm so i thought id sell this account to someone who wanted to do LRC or basically just get a good starter skiller. No email/recovs About 43k in items Skills Not looking for anything special, so just post offers here or add me on . Will not be going first, so scammers gtfo please...Selling level 53 92 Mage account.Current bet: 0M I am selling this level 53 combat pure. No recoveries or an Email, as you can see. And the stats. The bank. I can clear the bank if needed.Lvl 52 G2H Pure l 2 DEF :( l 1.2M Bank l 64 DungHello members, I know i'm a new member. But i'm here to sell my G2H pure account I f^cked up on. Was using rune scim on lunge -.-. I thought i'd try to get something out of it instead of dieing with G2H. No recoveries, no registered email, never been members. Accepting only RSGP. I will only go first to MODS / Admins / OMMs. Other than that, please get an trusted MM or OMM and you cover fees. Contact : [email protected] Min Bid : 10M AutoWin : 30MGreat new starter purenew pure with 41 range and mage 1 defence and 1 of everything else please be generous saving up for turmoilPhanz's Ess Miner Shop ! [$0.25 - $0.50 Each]Welcome to my Ess Miner shop. These accounts are level 3 that completed the Rune Mysteries quest and ready to gold farm Rune/Pure Ess. Price: Only $0.25 - $0.50/account. Stock: 10 Accounts + Please PM me or fill out the form if you are interested in buying them. Form: Code: How many accounts: Payment: : Vouch:Buying 80 dung pure [RSGP]Buying a 1 def 80 dung account. Would be great if combat stats are already leveled but will not be a problem if this isnt the case. Post a reply with account info/pictures then PM/ me to discuss a price. is [email protected] and i will go first.Buying accounts with 90+ fishingIm buying all accounts that got over 90 fishing. Tell me stats and price here. Can pay both in RSGP or Paypal.Selling rare name ''Black Boater''Title says it all, will take rsgp accounts or paypal
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.