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    Selling Yooo Mage And Range GuysOk im legit selling this acount needs bit of work please offer ) on here but my is [email protected] Done acientzG Maul Pure [RSGP]Selling this account due to me recently getting my main back after a ban, so need some GP to invest back onto it. This account is a great G mauler pure, owned an endless amount of people in wildy with it. [email protected] A/W: 15MBuying summoning accountHad second thoughts, please close.Selling Skiller [Level 3] (RSGP)Sold!Selling BEAST lvl 58 pure (155k tokens)Acc Is Sold. Please Let This Thread Die.Lvl 56. 99 mage lvl 1 everything else [Paypal]Pure mage, fresh account. this is how its gonna work. the highest bidder will recieve a paypal invoice with terms and conditions that make sure neither of us get scammed. its happened to me before so dont tell me to go first and you'll pay later. some1 else broke that trust for you. i'll start the bid at $15. if you would like to see the account in a runescape world i will be happy to quickchat all the lvls for you so you know its real.selling a pure and a dung miner skiller [paypal]hi im selling my dung miner and my f2p magic pure Dung miner stats: cb 12 dung 72 wc 81 cook 82 fish 60 runecrafting 52 mining 80 info the account has an email login i will give u all information im real owner max bid 0$ a/w 15$ f2p magic pure cb 56 magic 92 hp 37 firemaking 99 wc 80 fletch 60 fish 70 info firemakingcape email log in will give u all info im real owner Bid 0$ a/W 20$ i know im not trusted here so i will go first if ur not trusted either we will get an vmm post offers and if i like offer i pm you my paypal only. or 30m rsgp for bothQuick Sale [1def][60 pray][93 Mage][94 fletch][15hp] 11m A/WTitle says most, i am selling this starter turmoil pure for rsgp. Stats: :// It has recovs that will be given to the buyer. Bank has little worth. Some quests done. Looking to sell soon. Will go first to trusted, if not you go first or 50/50 or trusted mm/omm you pay, if you can find one quick. S/B: 4m A/W: 11m Bid awayyy
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.