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    [2 Large Vouches]~Selling Pro Sorc. Garden+P. Ess Gold Farm account (36) [Cheap]ALL OF THESE ACCOUNT HAVE 5m+ OF RSGP IN PURE ESS ON THEM (Currently Non-Members) You can -40% of the value of the RSGP, so if it has 5m worth, you will only have to pay 3m extra for the account Add me on - to speak Ok, I have 36 account, these have all been members for one month, but there memberships are running out tomorrow, so I figured I'd sell them. They all have Prince Ali Rescue (needed for Sorc. garden), Swept Away (helps for sorc. garden) and Rune Mysteries (needed for Pure Essence Mining). Every account has already been in Sorc. Garden and P. Ess and has botted there so is fully ready. They all have a Rune Pickaxe, Broomstick (makes Sorc. Garden faster). Most of them also have a dwarven army axe, and some have a mithril+addy pick too. All the accounts have 65-75 Thieving 5-60 Farming 50-75 Mining It will be slightly cheaper for a lower levelled one, but very little in it. And if you want to buy more than one I will work out an average. They have no email and recoveries attatched, I will post screen-shots when you want to buy them. I have sold 100m, and an account for 70m before so I consider myself fairly trusted, just see my vouches in my sig. prices- 30+ accounts (2.5m each) 10-30 accounts (3m each) 3-10 account (3.5m each) 1-2 accounts (4m each) The prices may be up for minor negotiation, but not much.-->> Selling incredible accounts, read inside for more info! [ 99 Craft & more ].Sup, You can pay with $$ or with RSGP. - Recovers will be deleted after I found a serious buyer. - Recovery test can be done at your expense. - All details will be givin. - No SWAPS. - MM/OMM will be used if you wont go first (@ ur expense). Account one: Starting bid: 20$ | 40M Current bid: 50$ A/W: 90$ | 180M Account two: Starting bid: 25$ | 50M Current bid: None. A/W: 60$ | 110M Account three: Starting bid: 10$ | 20M Current bid: None. A/W: 25$ | 45M Contact details: - [email protected] PM ME FOR MORE INFO.[selling]D claw rusher!(swaps)(RSGP)Today i'm looking too sell this d claw rusher, first selling thread soo just offer away!:) Pic: Thank you:) :[email protected] low level dt pure.Not really fussed about the stats but must have 1 defence w mith/addy gloves or 20 def/w rune gloves + dt doneSelling a GREAT skiller [99 THIEVING!] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)iM SELLING THIS GREAT SKILLER 99 Thieving 2m cash stack [great money making account through thieving] also has 54 hunter for gloves of silence [even better chance of pick pocketing!! ] skillzzzz.jpg :// :// :// Accepting cash or RSGP starting bid: $5/5m no A/W yet so bid away[LowCB] Pures [CraigEnsLtd]Thinking 'Newcomer, Go away!' ? Hello, I'm Craig from Ens-Ltd. I work for a game/dedicated/webhosting Providor called PlugPayPlay, and have come to to sell various old-gaming accounts which I no longer use, I also own 'Iconocast' which is a steam-based gaming community that currently consists of (3) Garrysmod servers, One being a HL2Roleplay, Second being a Experiment, Third being a 18 slot test-server, Plan to open a fourth CSS:ZM soon. ( If your interested In game-servers I can get you a discount, PM me ) I have also a few various service threads I plan to open soon, So keep an eye out for me. - Will happily go first to all trust-worthy members, Obviously not members equal to the trust I have as I'm new. - If not trustworthy we can use a OMM at your fees, Or a Free MM that's trustworthy. [email protected][PayPal] 80 Dungeoneering pure - 1 Defence [RSGP] ( 1 2)A/W = $20/40M A/W = $20/40M : [email protected] everyonedelete please.
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