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    [Buying prayer pure or turmoil pure]Im looking for a low lvl prayer pure that has 85+ prayer or a low lvl turmoil pure. Ill pay in [RSGP] or [SWAP ACCs] I have a lvl 71+2 with 99 mage 93 str 60 att 52 prayer 59hp and has done dt and has addy gloves, the other acc is 60 att 99 str 99 fletch 84 hp cb lvl 80 55 slayer but has 2 def=[.{[RSGP/PP]}Level 3 Skiller 95 Herb|99 Craft| 90+ Smith.{[RSGP/PP]}Hello, I have decided to sell my first account. I simply don't have time for the game any further with college involved in my life. This is my first account and I have ALL the information since it's creation in 2005. I am the original owner of this account. You will get all of this if you purchase the account. *ALL Bankpins. *ALL Previous Used Passwords. *ALL Membership Agreement ID's received. *Previous e-mails used before in purchasing membership. & State/Country account was created,..etc). *ALL Creations details. *Sellers aided help if the account gets locked. I will help aide the buyer if the *Willing to use a OMM at your expense. Here are some screen shots of the account. I have no set price of what I expect on the skiller so it's just open bids right now. COMBAT LEVEL STATS QUESTS UNLOCKED MUSIC TRACKS BANK PHOTOS ACCOUNT OFFENCE HISTORY I would prefer paypal as the method of payment, and will give the buyer further instructions if they choose to do this, otherwise RSGP is good, but takes awhile to sell! :/ I put a lot of effort into this and hope the turnout is good. Let the bidding begin! Regards, Righty.Skiller | 80 Runecrafting | lots of 70's | Still member [SWAP 4 F2P Skiller]Want to trade my skiller for a pvper, f2p skiller or RSGP. Account has 28 days of membership remaining.[RSGP]Level 44 Pure 62 Range 85 MINING!!I am accepting RSGP and Possibly Paypal. Please post offers here or request my in a private message. Info about the account: -Original owner -Never had recovery questions -That's about it[PAYPAL/RSGP] Skidmore1012's Account Shop [FairPrices]Hello guys. I have decided to start a shop to sell my Runescape accounts. I will be selling them at fair prices due to the fact that i have no use of them. I will be accepting PAYPAL & RSGP. I will go first if you are more trusted than me otherwise its me first. I am willing to use a OMM. Emails and Recoveries will be removed when sold. Account 1: Very good starter pure with Death Plateau, Priest In Peril and Vampyre Slayer Complete. STATS LOGIN BLACKMARKS Account 2: Good starter main with 99 Woodcutting, Fletching and Cooking. Also has 120 Quest Points. STATS LOGIN BLACKMARKS BANK Account 3: Maxed mellee, very good for box staking at duel arena, 85 Slayer which is extremely good for making cash also has Fire Cape and Barrows Gloves. Also has 2 weeks membership left. STATS LOGIN BLACKMARKS FIRE CAPE & BARROWS GLOVESlooking for an acc...hi i am looking for an account that either has 2k zeal at lvl 3! or that has 94 mage with barrage..(other stats dont matter). I am also looking for a good skiller with multiple 99s so post p if u have any of these . I will be purchasing via PP.Selling pure level 52!54 attack, 56 strength, 58 hitpoints, 56 mining, 29 agility, 23 smithing, 1 defence, 1 herblore, 48 fishing, 65 ranged, 11 thieving, 31 cooking, 19 prayer, 25 crafting, 25 firemaking, 60 magic, 9 fletching, 30 woodcutting, 3 runecrafting, 16 slayer, 9 farming, 1 construction, 1 hunter, 1 summoning, 37 dungeoneering. Combat level: 52 Total level: 669 48 quest points, has quest done for avas attractor, and dragon dagger, and other good things. The quests for the basic pker. Current status: not member, has dark bow, many seeds in bank, 940 archer tickets, 1000 rune arrows, couple of pots, and some arm for pking. Price: Offer best price wins (Accepting rsgp and paypal cash)Cheap/Fast/Efficient Account Sale.Hi, Today, Christmas Eve, It came to me i wanted to sell the Account's i don't use for extra money toward's RSGP, for my main. The Account's that i have, I trained myself, I myself am the original owner, Recovery Questions/Emails will be provided/deleted, whichever you prefer. Payment options: *Paypal *Runescape GP/ Items. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Account Number 1: Level 62: Account Number 2: Level 38: Level 42: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more information, Contact me at: *[email protected] I WILL meet ingame, for proof of my accounts/items/stats.
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