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    Moved: Selling A lvl 59 I don't know what to do with it acc 2x99sHey guys Selling one of my old accounts today with 23.5k loyalty points. At the start it was a skiller, then 10p pure, then attacked somebody (fail) I Pretty much just gave up on it so I want to sell it. Not sure on an A/W yet but I got an offer of $60 From usfine. I am the original owner of this account and can guarantee that. The email will be changed to yours when you buy the acc. Preferred Payment Is RSGP. Heres the pics Post Bids and stuff like that A/W 125m RSGP/$60 PP (It's the Auto-win not the lowest lol don't take it as discouraging still bid. C/B Brooks cat maybe None if not thereSelling level 47 crap ranged tank with 99 herblore!The account has 99 herblore legit. It has over 11m in members items, so prices over 11m please Pm me for picutres[RSGP/PayPal] TWO Starting Skillers! [70 Thieving/70 Mining/40 Farming!]These accounts were both 100% botted through Sorc. Garden scripts. All the necessary quests and equipment are left on the account in the chance you may want to bot these. Both accounts have roughly 70 Mining and 70 Thieving... Both accounts have fake emails, no recoveries and no registered emails... 2m/ea obo : [email protected] Thanks[Paypal] Lvl 34 with good stats and decent bank(Veterans available)[paypal]I'm looking for 75$ or the highest bid, thank you .Buying G2h Pure !! //showthread.php?p=10012769#post10012769Buying a pure [RSGP]Well since WoW is going to love you, I've decided to come back to RS. All I have is 20m on my nooby main and I am willing to spend it all on a good pure that I can have fun with. Really no requirements except I will not be going first under any circumstance other than you better have hella vouches and been a member for a while, otherwise we're using an MM fees on you. Post your offers and add me on . [email protected] Level 3 Skiller! 400+ Total Level Min.Willing pay up to 60m. The more 99's the better Pm me or reply on this thread
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.