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    [RSGP] Level 46+7 Kyatt Pure - 57 summoning [RSGP] ( 1 2)Amazing kyatt pure, great for multi pking Kyatt can hit up to 320s and owns everyone their level I don't know how much i want for this account so.... START [email protected]@@Amazing skiller, 6 99's inc craft & agil ( 1 2)Login -[/] Stats - Offence page - All information will be given to the buyer such as recoverys, previous passwords ect ect, i have no interest in rs anymore as iv played for years and now gone to wow (so much better) so you can feel safe in the knowledge that the account is yours untill you quit. Login is a username not an email Im selling this account for a EU cataclysm expansion pack or a decent amount of RSGP/wow gold so i can buy it leave a comment if your interested and il pm my OMM AT YOUR COSTS, unless of course your trusted (i.e 100vouchs) then il go first Autowin - 90mil$$$ Selling starter pure VERY RARE NAME $$$$the name is Zar0s with several spaces between each letter, as you know spaced names are not allowed, but this account was made in '04 by me (so yes, it qualifies for a vet cape) it's around 20 combat with mediocre stats, but it has 1 def and 1 pray and is a good potential pure. I haven't played it for many years. Go ahead and throw me some offers, you never know.[[Buying]] g2hpure or range 2her 1def must[Rsgp]looking for either a g2her, str pure, or range 2her. spending 40m on it def must be 1 and pray can be 31 pending on stats.Gravite Pure for Sale!Well i'm going to be starting up a dungeoneering accounts service I already have one and he has NEVER been banned/reset etc. I will be taking rsgp or paypal If you are interested please message me on here or email me at [email protected] or me at imoatuzi I will be training his stats so they might be higher and he will have more tokensIncredible Pures/Stakers for sale [DT Done] [1def] {RSGP}Account #1 Combat level: 56 A BREATH TAKING Blitz-GMaul rusher. MAXED for its combat level. Lowest possible defense level (1), and lowest possible prayer level (11), for the completion of the quest Desert Treasure. Stats: This account has plenty sets of full ghostly There are no recovery questions or registered email on the account: Proof of quests: No bans or mutes: A/w is 40m ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Combat level: 63 INCREDIBLY HIGH Con. Staking prodigy. Doesn't lose a stake. Stats: NOW HAS 41 DUNGEONEERING! No registered email and no recovery questions set: No bans or mutes: A/w is 20m[RSGP/Paypal] Selling pure fisher/cooker.Level 3 combat, 90 fishing, 60 cooking. ://i55.tinypic/bezvvn.png ://i56.tinypic/33wshah.png Post your /AIM email and/or offers.Selling level 3 Woodcutters/SkillersThis thread is from Powerbot. I am not bringing it over to as well Cost: 5m each Accounts left for sale: 46 Accounts: Account Number 1 sold on Powerbot Account Number 2 sold on Powerbot Account Number 3 sold on Powerbot Account Number 4 sold on Powerbot Account Number 5 selling now. Account Number 5 Uploaded with Uploaded with Note: All 46 accounts have the same picture of login screen as this one Uploaded with Note: All 46 accounts have the same picture of blackmarks as this one They all look similar to Account Number 5. I have about 46 level 3 yew ready accounts for sale. The first 6 accounts have about Woodcutting in the 90s and Smithing in the 30s or 40s bonus. The rest of the 40 have mainly 60+ WC only. I haven't used these 46 accounts in months. I was interested in getting rid of them since I don't use them anymore. They never had an email or recovery set on them. They were made straight up with a made up email and went straight to botting WC at the time. They all have nothing in thier banks. -I only accept RSGP -You go first -I am not responsible for any bans or mutes you receieve -I will be recording all trades and conversations and will keep recordings for records -If you feel like we need a VMM, then you pay the fees -If you want to go more into details on the trade, we will talk on . Add my . -You must fill out a form if you are seriously interested in buying and post it on this thread (Only after we agreed on a set price) This form is for serious buyers. Form Email address: Which Accounts/Account buying: Will leave vouch after: Yes/No : [email protected]
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