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    Selling ranger puredouble post-- Selling 99 Hunter Level 3 Account --Hey Guys, Just Joined yes I Know, Im Willing Too use A VMM, I Will Go First Too Trusted Members, Post 's Below And offers.Selling new gmaulersold one more aboveSelling lvl 50 with 99 mage 10 hp.I want to sell it for $50 Paypal- will use middle man gogogooselling lvl 48 range pure with dt done!offffer for him[RSGP/SWAPS] Summoning tank [78def!] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Hey ! Cane here selling another one of my accounts i made and got bored of. I am the original owner and have all info on the account. I will not go first unless you are trusted or we use MM/OMM(you pay fees). The only thing that i botted on this account was 70-78 defense the rest is all legit working, but now since I'm in high school i have no time to be doing summoning and stuff like that . I don't have a A/W set yet so just offer away.. I've spent a lot of time and money on this account so if i don't get any offers i like ill just keep it. Im looking for a pure of some type or a high lvl main and ill throw in gp if its an uneven trade.. Heres the pictures! Stats/Bank: Login: Offences: I will take off the email when i get offers. I dont know if the recoverys can be taken off so if i have to i will just tell you the answers and we can have the MM change/check them if requested. If you have any questions feel free to ask me or pm me . My msm is [email protected] I will not add your msm unless you post here first or pm me with your msm. Thanks and happy bidding, Caneselling a level 3 skillernevermind. close this.(RSGP)Evlin's Essence Miners(RSGP)Just selling some essence miners, they are all in Varrock except for maybe one. All accounts have completed the Quest "Rune Mysteries" All you need to do is put a pick axe on them and they are ready mine essence. They are 100k each, Essence Miners in stock: 0 Pics: I am willing to go first, i doubt anybody would scam 100k...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.