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    Buying decent pure [30M] is working now It's: [email protected] my amazing skiller.As the title said, I am selling my skiller. I haven't been playing my skillers/pures for a while, so I think its time to move on, but I am looking for USD for this account. - Total level 1059 (relatively high for a skiller) - Two rare 99's (for a skiller) - 14 quest points - Recoveries set (I can delete them or just give them to you.) - Around 800k total. (this account can make money easy though) - No black marks. Any questions, just ask them below. A/W- $60 USD ~~~ Current offer- $30Level 3 1800 Total 50 DollarsHAHAHAHS SYKE U ARE ALL BANNED MOD MARKS NEW FORUM POST SAYS 80% OF YOU WILL BE BANNED FOR RWT THIS MONTH ://***********************/forum%2263479%5[Paypal] Selling a level 40 low hp darkbower !Selling this level 40 low hp dark bower! has around 200-300k total great 1 hitter at its level~//Frank's Dungeon pure shop//~Grab one NOWPlease bid on accounts below Update: Since I created this thread I have traded over $5,600 on and sold 13+ accounts in total. Account 1 Account 2 Account 3 Account 4-SOLD Account 5- SOLD I should list at least 5 more in the next 30 minutes I am the original creator of these accounts. No recovery or e-mail has ever been set. OMM can be used at your expense. I will give a refund for any account that experiences a minor macro/ban in dungeoneering within 24 hours of your purchase. I only accept rsgp. I might be willing to trade for upgrades.Low Level Skiller 99WC 92COOKFLETCHTHEIFWas reset, stats cut in half. I do not know the recovery's. Email will be changed to you'res when you purchase. Should have access to classic and it was made in 2003 so it obviously gets a vet cape. Post here for more info.Buying a pure!I'm able to offer around $40-$50. Looking for a good PKING pure. No failed accounts. No low level starters, I want a level 48-59.Selling a 99 def pure!here it is i will use a with a recovery test if u want only taking rsgp : [email protected] : ranked. please leave offers with ur contact details
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.