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    Lv 3 SkillerHey guys, I've got a level 3 skiller (all combat skills 1) for sale, The account includes no items. Stats: - 70 Fishing - 58 Runecrafting - 81 Firemaking - 70 Cooking A/W - 5M Starting - 2M. No offences on the account. Thanks guys![RSGP] Account Sale / :// Account #2 Note the fishing / Mage ^ Ill delete the recovs. fishing/wc/thieving. ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Hi guy's i'm selling my awesome skiller, has a three character name ! Taking RSGP ONLY. Will not go first to anyone. OMM can be used an your expense. Please post reasonable offers, no jokers >.> So heres some pics !87 woodcut range 2h bossmsg me on [email protected] looking for paypal only looking for offers between 5-10$ --edit post if intrested first ://postimage/image/2clrpwczoBuying a 60 strength obbby mauler with membership!the only way i am paying is a swap for a 113 main with rapierSelling 2.1k Zeal Pure.Selling Zeal Pure: Account is a level 3 Zeal Pure I have a notepad with all recoveries possible to collect, I even have the time it was made let alone date. I will go first to anyone with 20+ vouches and will accept any MM or OMM if you pay fees. A/w:100m Leave Offers here.Obby Maul Pure [2M][1 Att, Pray][61 Str]I didn't realise that my account was on a recurring membership, so I've been charged $10 (NZ) a month for like 5 months without even playing. I just realised today. So now i'm trying to sell my account in order to make up the $10 I lost this month. It has no email registration, no recoveries and 29 days membership. No black marks or any reports.[​IMG][​IMG] Uploaded with[/IMG] It is an obby maul pure with: Attack: 1 Defence: 1 Range: 36 Strength: 61. Starting price is $5.F2P Str Pure - No Recovs - Never Mems ( 1 2)Hello guys, looking to sell my old F2P pure. It's a email log in with a fake email. It has alot of supplies for training incase you want to train it. What you will receive upon purchase: ->ISP ->Creation Date ->Previous pass ->ZIP Code Pics: Looking for RSGP or Paypal. MM will be used or you'll go first. I go first to who I deem trustworthy.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.