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    Selling * Rare * R E S E T Turmoil Account! [11 Def / Maul / Rapier / Korasi / 95 Cb]*I am a VIP on R2Pleasent's VIP List* and have been trading with him since 2006 - I will get him to vouch this thread shortly. Hey there guys, I know first thing you're seeing is my post count. I'm very new to forums as I've never sold an account - I've browsed forums since 2005 but never bought or sold anything on . I am WILLING to use an OFFICIAL OR YOU GO FIRST. I WILL go first if you are HIGHLY trusted. I am accepting RSGP only, as I am an RSGP seller. I'm selling probably the rarest account on you will find - this account was reset a long long time ago to 10 defence, unfortunately I got 11 by accident but still the lowest level with Turmoil is supposed to be 28 defence. I'm selling this account because I'm now 22 years old and have ZERO time for RuneScape. The account comes with the following: - Chaotic Maul - Chaotic Rapier - Rune Gloves - Korasi Sword - Black Defender - Firecape - Combat Robes - Curses Pictures: Recoveries and email will be deleted upon finding a legitimate buyer for the account. HIGHEST BID: 300$ - Preferably RSGP I'm looking for Email: [email protected] for an account creation serviceHello all! I am looking for someone to get these levels on an account for me: 75 Att 75 Def 75 Str You can leave all other levels alone, I only need the combat levels. I will be paying RSGP The account will be F2P Post your prices, I only want this done by a trusted user It can be done by hand or bot as long as it's a premium one Thanks!Feuer's Account Creation!Order Form: Account # / skiller levels wanted: Do you agree to pay full amount: Email: Do you agree to go first or use a OMM/VMM: If you want a member skill up you will provide the account + membership on the account. My ONE and ONLY Email is [email protected]! I will put defence on account for a price if wanted! The Accounts below are guidelines i can edit and put other things onto the accounts for a price! Pure's! Account #1! Attack - 1-60 Strength - 60 Defence - 1 Range - 40 Magic - 25 1-2m Depending on attack level. Account #2! Attack -1 Strength -1 Defence -1 Range -50 Magic -25 1.5m. Account #3 Attack -1 Strength -1 Defence -1 Range -1 Magic -55 Hp -can request 10hp acc otherwise will be random. 1m-2.5m depending on hp. Account #4 Attack -1-60 Strength -60 Defence -1 Range -1 Magic -1 1-1.5m depending on attack. Account #5 Attack -1 Strength -1 Defence -40 Range -40 Magic -1-25 1-1.1m depending on magic level. Skiller's! Woodcutting -50 Mining -50 Fishing -50 250k PER Skill. Smithing -50 Firemaking -50 Cooking -50 Runecrafting -50 Crafting -50 500k-1m per skill, depending on the skill. Custom accounts! I will also create Custom account's, but i will need to know the skills you want and will then quote on a price. Job's underway: Account #4 for justinkiller with 70 strength. Job's completed: none.RSGP]>~>~>Refer A Friend 10% Exp BonusRSGP]9 HP Skiller with! ( 1 2)Closed due to lack of interest[RSGP Combat: Login:[rsgp]SELLING starter str pure.. 60 atk 55 str 1 def 11 prayjust as title says. looking for offers atm of RSGP ONLY-5m a/w!!! NO memership does have email but can be changed over using MM during trade lost city done no wealth on the account: a/w set to 5m BID AWAY!Great Ftp Range/2h pker, Hybrid.Hey guys selling yet another account, it's great fun ftp pking on it, it's also a decent starting hybrid if you're into that. Here are the pics: Bid if you're interested, also you can add my only : [email protected] A/w is set at 17m.
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