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    Ancient or Ancient+Crystal Bowim looking for the following ^^ pure ancient can be anywhere from cb lvl 35-48. and ancient+cystal bow 50-54. (so regicide,and desert treasure both complete) lets negotiate a price,id appreciate it if youd pm me on here thanks.Buyin Summon Tank (Uk or highly trusted sellers)im looking for buy a summon tank and i can offer paypal $$$$ post offers here and links to your pagesGreat Pure, 75 range 80 magic, 60 attack + moreThis is my pure from back when I used to play runescape, I have now moved on to WoW, but need to find a way to pay my subscription. You can see from the attached pic I haven't logged onto it in a long time. He has quite a few quests done they are in the pictures too. He has ava's accumalator, zamorak cape, full guthix book, mith gloves, climbing boots, d scim and dds, about 1m cash, 1k addy arrows and the bear mask(forgot what its called) from the quest. He also has a mime and camo shirt. 13 Prayer from the pre req for DT and 1 def of course. The account does not have any blackmarks I will post a picture of that if you want it. That's all I can think of right now ask me if you have any questions at all. I just want $16 to cover another month of my wow subscription or i will accept a 60 day prepaid card key. Good starter pure with some work he will be even better. Also, it must be paypal or a prepaid wow card. I do not want any runescape accounts or gold so don't bother asking please. my is sirspamalot94 at dot com. or if you prefer its aquateenhf1. You can pm me or post here I will check both periodically. Thanks!Looking to buy a pure with addy gloveslooking to buy a pure with addy gloves and preferably high dung, if not still post cheers[SALE] Fully Quested, Almost Maxed Obby Mauler [SALE]First off the account is EMAIL username. However knowing I was making this account for trading purposes i put a non possible email, and it has never had recoveries and has had same password since day #1. Meaning once you change the password; the account if yours forever should you choose to keep it. HAS MITH [email protected]@ No more quests for you lazy white boys! (Obviously can get every color Samba and Eastern from the shop cba to show all the sets) - 0 exp in Attack and Defense. A/W = 80M LEADING BID: 50M Email: Offer: Agree to Verified : My email is: [email protected] thank you! I can give my facebook after trade for further security if you wish. ASK FOR PM FOR THE PK VID[RSGP/Paypal] Selling level 90 pure fisher.Post your /AIM name here if interested. Post offers too. ://i56.tinypic/scbd55.png ://i56.tinypic/33wshah.png[rsgp] Selling Two Accounts Cheap [rsgp]First account gmauler offer the account can get vet cape but i cant prove it but just saying :// :// :// :// second account handcannon pure in the making just need to level strength,range and hunter for the final quest it has all the other pre reqs just need the levels for the last quest. offer for this account :// :// :// :// Accounts going cheap pm for offersNice Starter Acc's | Non Email | 2M Per | No RecovsHello, I'm here today to try to and sell you my two starters. One is an Obby Mauler, the other a Miner. Only asking $1.00 each character. I will also accept 2M RSGP per. Accounts are Username Login accounts with no recoveries or email. Post here or Via PM for direct response. account obby mauler- sold.
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