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    lvl 50 mage staker82 magic dt ready to be done need cash pic upon request open to offers for rs cash or money now lvl 51*♥ [RSGP] • 45+ Vouche's • Selling 10 HP Mage Skiller • Trusted [RSGP] ♥Bl0w Ranq here selling my 10HP Mage Skiller. Some account info: •It has a fake mail as login. •Has no e-mail set, and never had a e-mail set. •No recovery's set, and never had recovery's set. •I am the original owner. •Will be providing all info, including first password, creation date, ISP etc. •1-55 Mage was done by hand, 55+ was botted. •1-31 Woodcutting was done by hand, 31+ was botted. •Comes with membership untill the 16th of August. I will keep training the account untill its sold. Current stats: -10HP -90 Magic -60 Woodcutting -70 -60 Mining Fishing Please drop a offer or PM me. Accepting RSGP and PayPal from trusted. *PayPal valued at .40/M Also add [email protected] Babybu in the lead with 20M. A/W is now 35M.[Selling] Lv 54 Gmaul/Starter Pure w/ 67 thiev 65 farmSelling a starter g maul pure. -Wealth is approximately 750k. -Thieving at sorceress garden nets approx 2-2.5m a day. -50 att, 64 str, 70 range Looking for paypal/rsgp. Tanks! Edit: added questsSkiller W/ 99 wc/ 81 Rc/ 70 miningSelling this nice starter skiller Price is 20m as autowin :] Bid away though... Pm me before anything.[RSGP] 58Cmb Dung Pure [80Dung] [RSGP]CONTACT : Felek1666 : [email protected] Offert Here Please. highest offer - 15MSelling Nice F2p PKerWell I'm selling this account partly because I feel I don't need this account, and it's boring to PK f2p. Here are the stats, bank, and login info: RSGP Only A/W:10m-21mBuying 32 mage 10 hp accountIll pay 3mil for an account that has 32 mage and 10 hp. This takes like 30minutes of work and 50k in runes, but im to lazy to do it pm if you can make one or add my : [email protected] :[paypal] Level 38 - 99 Agility, 93 Woodcutting, 3m+ [paypal]QUICK SALE Autowin - $12 I will supply the buyer with: Recovery details, old passwords, internet provider, emails etc and swap the email from mine to their email address during the trade. Account comes with: 99 agility, 93 woodcutting, 3M+ in gold & items, 5 days membership. I will go first to trusted users. Contact me - PM me/post below if you are interested with your . Pictures
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