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    [PAYPAL][BUYING] 85 range + 10 hper / HIGH lvl Obby Mauler![PAYPAL][BUYING] 85 range + 10 hper / HIGH lvl Obby Mauler![PAYPAL][BUYING] 85 range + 10 hper / HIGH lvl Obby Mauler![PAYPAL][BUYING] 85 range + 10 hper / HIGH lvl Obby Mauler!Buying 1.2k Zeal Pure!!I don't care about the stats as long as the attack and str aren't ridiculously high and has no def, pray, or summ. I'll pay via Paypal $50 for it. I am paying for an account with 1200 zeals. Must have pictures to prove it.Selling Pure/Skiller - 3 99's Almost 5.[ PayPal ]Hey guys... today i'll be selling one of my Pures/Skillers. It has done some quests. This account is a very good for a fresh start in RuneScape. 90 Fishing, easy to get too 99. 94 Fletching.. super easy to get too 99. Recoveries are set. I will give you them if you are a serious buyer. Starting Bid: $20 A/W: $40Buying 10 hp 99 slayerWilling to pay quite a fair amount, would obviously depend on a few things but hopefully someone out there has one (with zeal pures these days not too far fetched to think someone has one for sale atm)[R2Pleasent ViP Member] Selling a RESET Turmoil Pure! [95cb/Maul/Rapier/Korasi]*I am a VIP on R2Pleasent's VIP List* and have been trading with him since 2006 - I will get him to vouch this thread shortly. Hey there guys, I know first thing you're seeing is my post count. I'm very new to forums as I've never sold an account - I've browsed forums since 2005 but never bought or sold anything on . I am WILLING to use an OFFICIAL OR YOU GO FIRST. I WILL go first if you are HIGHLY trusted. I am accepting RSGP only, as I am an RSGP seller. I'm selling probably the rarest account on you will find - this account was reset a long long time ago to 10 defence, unfortunately I got 11 by accident but still the lowest level with Turmoil is supposed to be 28 defence. I'm selling this account because I'm now 22 years old and have ZERO time for RuneScape. The account comes with the following: - Chaotic Maul - Chaotic Rapier - Rune Gloves - Korasi Sword - Black Defender - Firecape - Combat Robes - Curses Pictures: HIGHEST BID: 300$ - Preferably RSGP I'm looking for Email: [email protected] for barrows pure (summoning tanks)jklkjhljklTulioAccount Shop- 99% Legit.THOSE ACCOUNTS ARE ALL FOR SALE-- WILL SHOW PICS OF RECOVS AND EMAIL IF FIND SERIOUS BUYER, ALL ACCOUNTS ARE ON GREEN ZONE THESE ACCOUNT IS ONLY FOR SALE, IF FIND A SERIOUS OFFER ON IT. WILL TAKE OFF EMAIL AND RECOVS AND GIVE OLD DETAILS OF EVERYTHING. ONLY EMAIL [email protected] The ScammerDo not trade with Sartana he clean out my whole bank.
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