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    [Rsgp] Selling one of my skillers. [Rsgp]I am here today to sell my level 3 skillers. I only accept Rsgp as payment, so leave offers. 2 more are coming, but one is banned, and I am recovering other one now. Feel free to add [email protected] to talk about this. No set price in mind, just looking for now.Buying [Swaps] [RSGP]Swapping FOR NEWCOMERS will be considered but highly unlikely Link: :///showthread.php?t=1172941 Looking For a Summoning Tank or a Dungeoneering Pure Must Meet my Reqs: Dung Pure: 80 Attk 800 Total 60str+ 31Prayer- 60+ Range 85Hp- 80 Dung+ = a Chaotic or 200k Tokens Summoning Tank: 1 Attk 1 str 75 Defence 45+ Summoning Option 2: 60Defence+ 30 summoning With LOADS OF CHARMS I Will Be Swapping For This: Keep In Mind that the CVLs and SWH r Brand NEw Just degraded then ran out of membs and they add up to 25mill so Acc must come with GP You Must Be Orginal Owner & or The Orginal Owner Must Be Extremely Trusted NEWCOMERS will be considered but highly unlikely Link: :///showthread.php?t=1172941[Swap] LF a OMauler/CVLS/F2P Pure [Swap]Hey, I'm looking for an obby mauler, Corrupt weapon pure, F2p pure (e.g 40 attack 99 str) or any sort of fun ownage pker, feel free to post all pures you have to offer. I WILL not go first, You can use an OMM but you pay fees. The account is a main, brilliant for boxing - 99 attack/str/def/hp with 83 prayer! Has 3 skill 99's including wc/fletch/cook with 90+ hunter and mining, overall a 2k+ total! The account comes with around 10m in items, but the account is currently F2p so the items are members objects.*extremly cheap*42 cb Insane dbower Pure|multi ownage! | Active Membership |Hey guys Im going to be selling this pure. its much fun to pk with in multi =)its basically a dbower pure,it has a full month membership(just bought mems for it last 2 days r so)i am selling for a very low a/w since im working on my main :] you can notice,this account has no recovries or emails =] i will be going first to anyone trusted or we use a mm/omm =] might pay for fees A/W:5m :[email protected] please post here before contacting me on 3 Accounts.These accounts are not needed anymore and im saving money so might as well get more I am the original owner of account #1 and #. Account #2 was bought off a trusted person with no recovieres or email, both set by me. all info is known for all three accounts and will be given during trade. :// omm will be used and can verify all info. + hold money till recoverys change (if wanted) [email protected] if interested.Perfect Main[4x99][Range Cook Wc Fm]115CMB 1885Total!Hello All.Today I'm selling my main.I want buy PSP from so I need money. .Okey Account got 25member days left~.102q points.4years old playerup items.100M total xp. I want around 40usd.Or 80M~ Rsgp.So just bid. My only : [email protected] . Pm me on and i will give you all info about account. Account don't have recs and email.Looking to buy a Obby Mauler or Cvls PureIm intrested in Buying a Obsidian Mauler or a Corrupt Vesta Longsword pure , I dont care about the combat just fill in this app form. Obby Mauler or CVLS : Combat : Strength : Rfd Gloves? : Recovs/Email :[RSGP] Selling Obby Mauler [RSGP]I'll verify ingame, as I cannot currently post pictures. The account has: 53hp 66str 1attack 19 ranged 1 prayer 1 password active membership no recoveries no email I am the original owner ~6m Bank RSGP offers only. My ONLY : [email protected]
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