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    RSGP - Selling level 3 - 2006 Halloween ItemsHello, . I am new here as you can tell, and I would like to start by selling an old level 3 skiller I have. The stats are decent, it has the halloween items from 2006 (Skeleton armor/Pumpkin helmet), and if you made it a member, I believe you could buy the veteran cape, and if not, few more months and you can :p. Anyways, I realize it has both recoveries and a registered email, and I will give you the answers to the recoveries and the email it's registered with. I WILL NOT go first, and if you have a problem with that, don't buy it. Add me on if you're interested: [email protected] Edit: The pictures say "Powerbot" but I cbf to take more pics.[RSGP] Combat level 9. 55 Wood Cutting. 61 miningI am selling my skiller Rune Scape account. He currently has 61 mining 13 prayer 54 wood cutting. His combat level 1 along with 11 defence. I'm not looking for alot money here. Maybe 20$ or I will take for 20 Mil. If your interested email me at [email protected][paypal] cb3 skiller 2x99sold alreadySelling Great Corrupt VLS Pure CHEAP! 67 STRENGTH 1 DEFENCE 1 PRAYER!Ok guys, I'm selling this project because I can't afford members and am therefore working on a F2P pure. The combat level is 43 and there is no email registered or recovery questions. Happy bidding!Selling 10hp Mage Pure!I am selling this 10hp Mage pure, it has a good name i think for a mage pure name : A Spellbook has 91 magic at combat lvl 46. Please post your offers, RSGP only!Obby MaulerNeed it gone asap! any offers?6 accounts 4 $aleOk i have multiple accounts for sale that i want rsgp for and or rs membership so offer away. All of these accounts have the old user names not email and if u want more info like black marks or log in screen il get it for u. Offer away! 1. This account has more then 150K wealth. 2. This account has not much wealth. 3. Was trying to make him a pker but never had the time. 4. Good account to start a main on. 5. high strength level account used to be member still has some member items also has a tight username that refers to marijuana 6. A very good level 82 old account has members quests done inducing monkey madness.[[Selling]] Level 3 skiller.Delete Please
Thread Status:
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