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    [Swap] Looking For Gmaul/Obby Pure [Swap]Looking for either a Gmaul or Obby Pure Selling this because I never use it anymore and have another account I play on. I will remove or change email once I see a good enough account. Cb: 123 All important quests are done: 197 Qp Bank is pretty much empty besides some holiday and few other items. Stats: Login: Holiday Items:Starter Skiller / StakerJakeybobs Account Sales RSGP Only Starting Bid 1mBuying F2P SkillerLooking to buy a skiller. What I am looking for. Low Combat (3 Combat prefered) Never been members Have no recoveries or email set Will only buy from trusted member Leave pictures and price here. Thank you.[rsgp/paypal] Selling Dung/str Pure [rare Name] [cheap]Will not go first under any circumstances. A/W is 25 dollars or 50M rsgp. Contact me on if interested. [email protected] Pictures are messed up. Give me a minute. [Fixed] PM me to find out the name. 3 letters.selling 3 mages acc(99,98,97)i have 3 accounts for sell - 1 lvl 99 with 15mxp 10m bidded - 1 lvl 97 (350k till 98) - 1 lvl 98 (1m xp till 99) 6m bidded the details (recov questions etc) [​IMG][/] Uploaded with[/IMG] [​IMG] Uploaded with[/IMG] [​IMG] Uploaded with[/IMG] the accounts: [​IMG] Uploaded with[/IMG] [​IMG] Uploaded with[/IMG] [​IMG] Uploaded with[/IMG] let start the bidding p.s we are going to use a mm ofcrunescape accountcombat level 6 81 runecrafting 71 mining 99 woodcutting 46 fishing best offer not lookig for much 20mill auto win(RSGP) Selling my amazing 10 hp 99 mage pure with other great stats (RSGP) ( 1 2 3)Offer... i havent got an a/w yet so just feel free to make offers :p[Traiding a lvl101/107 for lvl 3 skiller] [1x99][fire cape, Full range void, Torso]Traiding this account for a nicely stated lvl 3 skiller and maybe some rsgp DEPENDING on the stats! :///showthread.php?t=1234035 i will go first wil remove email and recoverys when find serious buyer.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.