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    [Swaping/RSGP] Im willing too swap My nearly maxed Karosi pure!://s1199.photobucket/albums/...rrent=pic1.png ://s1199.photobucket/albums/...rrent=pic3.png ://s1199.photobucket/albums/...rrent=pic2.png Those are the pics of the account i am willing to trade/sell! The account im looking for: Low level pure with 81 dung or Chaotic staff! RSGP Price: I am looking to sell this for 70m A/W but others with be accepted if reasonable and depends on how the trade goes! As for who goes first: I WILL go first for the swap & RSGP Trades. Good-Day everyone!Selling an account [58 dung]I'm selling this account as I don't want it anymore, highest offer wins A/W:5m S/B:500k Please post your & Offer belowdung skiller 74 dung and other stats 15$ only (paypal)im selling my dung skiller lvl 3 ofcourse it has 500k rsgp and almost 74 dung 12k xp away 50 runecraft 82 cook and more name is shiny cooker i know i just started but i need 15$ i will go first to trusted or we can use a middle man cause im not here to scam rs name is shiny cooker contact me at : [email protected] or pm me on Selling 99 fishing starting tank [RSGP]Im selling my starting tank account. Anyway this account has 99 fishing and minning along with 1m + in the bank. I dont know how much an account like this is going for, but he has low hp for his lvl. I am also the original owner of the account and i know all the information for it. Just pm me or post offers for the account. I also don care if i have to go first as long as you show me that you actually have the gold to pay for the account. :// skiller with 91+ runecraftingHi, title says it all. I want to buy a skiller with 91+ runecrafting. I'm only willing to go first to trusted members, we can use a MM. Post below with your accounts rc level and your price and your . Alternatively you could pm me your . Thanks.◄►OmfgzATree's ▲ Account ▼ Shop◄►OmfgzATree's Account & Services Shop Hello, and welcome to my account shop. My services are as follows: Making a very mass amount of accounts in a small time Making small amounts of accounts and compeleting ANY F2P quests once made Making accounts and then botting on them to a reasonable level Suicide botting your account Botting your account for a certain amount of time Doing some P2P and all most F2P quests for your account Willing to brainstorm a couple of good account names for you And ANYTHING else that's reasonable The services that are colored red WILL require you to pay RSGP. The price will be negotiated over our means of communication. I am also going to be selling a small amount of accounts that have somewhat good names and have completed Rune Mysteries on ALL of them, and Restless Ghost on some of them. All the accounts and prices will be negotiated over our means of communication Rules Note: READ THIS BEFORE YOU POST. I'm not responsible for any account getting banned after I've been on your account, and I assure there I will do EVERYTHING to insure this doesn't happen. We will have a trusted MM or you go first, nothing else. You will verify you added me on our means of communication through a PM with a code I give you to insure no scamming of any sort. I only want RSGP, nothing else, no exceptions. Please know I hate scamming, and if you think I'm going to scam you, I will stop my services immediately, and give you back whatever was exchanged. If you're interested, contact me either on my : [email protected] : zeyad.rabie Email - [email protected] I know I'm not trusted 'round these forums, but hey, you have to start somewhere. Thanks for reading, OmfgzATree[RSGP] Summon Tank - Steel Mino [08 Member/25 Vouches]ClosedLow lvl prayer/summon skillerSelling my cb 11+2 skiller¨ Accepting PayPal and rs gold. make offer here or pm me mail and ill add you.
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