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    [Rsgp] 51 combat 40 att 72 str [200k tokens][80 dung][Cheap]I am the origonal owner You will go first or we will use an MM or OMM of my choice You pay fee's! NO SWAPS OR PAYPAL A/w:50m 40m for a limited time!Ho0dzz Account Shop--F2P Pures/Stakers/Mains/Barrows Pures/Zerkers/Gold Farmers[RSGP] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)If you are interested in an account put the following in your post. Example Below. Code: - [email protected] Account # you're interested in: Account #1 About My Account Shop I offer a hassle free way of getting accounts. Buying accounts has always been a pain because of people recovering after a while. Now, you have noting to worry about. You Pay, You get the account. Simple as that, but with this scenario doing deals with me, you don't have to worry about losing the account after a week. I Will Never Recover an Account That I Sell! Once I Sell It, It is yours! There are No Set Prices. No Auto Wins. Offer your Price/ Post your / Post the Account # your interested your in. Happy Bidding !! REFUNDS My Accounts that I'm selling were not all botted. Some were botted slightly, and none were ever banned. None of the accounts have any Black Marks! The chances of getting rollbacks on the account you buy from me are extremely low. I've only botted 1-2 hours a day. Sometimes not at all. However, if something does happen to the account, you will have a 7 day refund period. This will be discussed between us. Proof must be shown. Not Refundable: Banned/Muted Accounts because of your actions. Hacked accounts because of your actions. Accidently leveling up something on mistake. + More. Account#7 Account#10 Account#11 Account#15 Account#18 Selling this AMAZING 136CB MAIN for 250M! RSGP ONLY! ADD MY IF INTERESTED! [email protected] Account#19 Account#21 Account#24 Account#26 Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Account#27 Account#28 Only Accepting RSGP! Will Upload and Update More Accounts Soon! Highest Bidder Wins![30 Vouches] AnthonyL1991's Pure Shop [RSGP]Terms of Sale 1. I will not go first for anybody, but I encourage OMM use, your fee. 2. You must post here here or I will not even bother replying to you. 3. Do not post anything personal that can compromise the trade. 4. If you do not agree with my terms then simply leave my thread. Spam will be reported. None of the following accounts have been botted, they have all been hand leveled by myself. Account #1 - Strength Pure This pure has 150k Bank and great money making starter skills Account #2 - Magic Pure This pure has a low coin bank but great magic starting level. Account #3 - Staker Solid base skills can be turned into many different options!Selling Starter Obby Mauler/SkillerWhat will be on the account, can be changed. Starting Bid: 5m / 3.50$ PP[Rsgp] 51 combat 40 att 72 str [200k tokens][80 dung][Cheap]I am the origonal owner You will go first or we will use an MM or OMM of my choice You pay fee's! NO SWAPS OR PAYPAL A/w:50m 40m for a limited time!Selling range tanker in process.I was working on a range tanker back in the day but I pretty much gave up on runescape. The characters name is Hellashady if you wanna look him up in the highscores. He's roughly a high level 50. I was working on getting 75 defense 99 range and 96 mage or w/e the mage needed for vengance. He has level 1 in attack and strength and 43 prayer I believe it is. I'm not to sure I havent been on it lately. Just posting to see if anyone is interested. Pm me if you have questions. -Note : he isn't done... far from it. But he's on the way there. Picture of the stats and proof.Selling 3 letter namesGot these 3 and 4 letter names for sale, Bid All are fake emails still in tutorial. 9C0 0l8 8E1 63X Dl2 4N1 4-letters S4G3 IR00 start bib 1m a/w 35m More to comeScrouch's Account Shop [RSGP]Hello ! Have a browse around and check out the accounts that I have for sale. What you get: The account! A text document with all needed information Ownership of the email address used (If applicable) A 100% no scam guarantee! If you are interested in any of the accounts send me a PM and add me to to make an offer. [email protected] All accounts are to be bought with RSGP unless you are trusted then we can speak about using PayPal. Account 1: A/W 1M Account 2: A/W 1M
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