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    [Sale] AWESOME Prayer Skiller! RSGP 0 Blackmarks! ( 1 2)SOLD to GOLD4RS CLOSE![Trusted] Selling Lvl 3 w/99 Fletch! [PP][RSGP]Im back from vacation =) So lets get to the point! Im selling my new level 3! Username not the email login! I am the only owner of this account! It has done most of the F2P quests. --Pics Below -- Also check my vouches and such if your curious! Post offers below Im not on very often! But if you want to talk via there! PM me first then we'll talk - [email protected] I'll use an OMM also if your not willing to go first[RSGP]1 Def Pure 78 Dung!!!!! [RSGP]Im selling a lvl 51 acc with 78 dung 1 def. It also has 71 str 40 attk. Great f2p pker. also has 170k tokens!! I only take rsgp and im willing to go first if your trusted. The account has no recovery's but does have an e-mail that will be deleted upon trade. Please offer below. Thanks A/w:25mSelling 8 Gold Farming accounts.I am currently looking to sell 7 Gold farming accounts, you can really make a good bit of money with these, upwards of 700k/ night. They are all F2P, and have at least 40 mining, 3 of which have rune pickaxes. I can verify all in-game if you would like. Fake emails used to create them, and no recovs. looking to sell them all tonight. 3M A/W for all of them, or 500k ea. PM me on here, and add my : [email protected] to buy..A level 3, all combat stats 1.. 50 RC 41 mining Must have those stats. Don't care about any other stats/skills. Must have no email no recovs Youmust be the original owner. Post away. Will be paying in RSGP. Willing to vouch.[RSGP]~~Selling Awesome Skiller~~[RSGP]Hello guys, Nagadesh here again selling another great account! As usual no swaps or PP, just plain owl' RSGP. The account is great, not mine personally but I got it from a very trusted mate. It has membership left until the 18th!. No set A/W. Any questions pm me or add me on - [email protected] I will not go first unless I deem the person trustful, either you go first or we use an MM . Happy bidding![Buying] Pure or Skiller!! [Buying]Close.Swapping!! lvl 60need a range mage pure for a lvl 60 ranger with 65 range 40 def 78 fletch 2 month members and 23 prayer
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