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    [PayPal] Selling 3 Mining Pures! All 40+ combatNEW AUTOWIN, $20 FOR ALL 3 Have had these accounts sitting for a good month or so, used to use them for my main to farm gold but I have long since abandoned runescape. So thought I'd sell them. None have been banned. None have email or recovs set nor have they ever had any set. 1. 99 mining, $15 autowin 2. 96 mining, $9 autowin 3. 92 mining, $6 autowin Payment will be sent as a gift and will NOT be charged back. If I feel like you will scam I do not want to sell to you. Either you go first or we use MM or OMM leave offers here. Thanks[RSGP] Amazing 99 Strength Obby Mauler Pure! Only 45 Combat! [1 Defence] [55 Range]SOLD!Selling a mage account with 15000 membership loyalty points [rsgp only]title says it all please take a look i will not go first will use a highly trusted or omm only taking rsgp my is [email protected] my is wallieworld_ (post or pm me with ur cause im not on alot always post your offer autowin is 30m but lets see what offers i can get all info will be given and will have a recovery test if needed desert treasure is done also members till the 28th of decemberlvl 56 Pure Mage. 99magic. [RSGP/Paypal]Current High Bid is 6M (Naggiii) Pure mage, fresh account. No recovery, No Email, No Black Marks. perfect to start a nice hybrid or widow tank. the highest bidder will recieve a paypal invoice with terms and conditions that make sure neither of us get scammed. its happened to me before so dont tell me to go first and you'll pay later. some1 else broke that trust for you. if you would like to see the account in a runescape world i will be happy to quickchat all the lvls for you so you know its real. pm me if interested. A/W 45m/$30[buying] Summon tankMust have between 60-86 summoning. Will go first you're trusted looking to pay with rsgp/pp.Buying pureMust of done DT MM have good stats would like to have 75 range and 60 hunter if possible and 60 att and str only trusted members i don't want to get scammed again using mm and account must have no email or recoveries[RsGp] Selling Lvl 3 Skiller - 99 CookingClose[Rsgp] Beast Pure l 1x99 l 1x96 l 1x92 l Swed!Selling this insane f2p possibly p2p pker, Stats were sw'ed up so you have a massive advantage over other pkers. The account comes with an email which is used to also login. Payments: -Rsgp. -Steam codes. -Minecraft code. A/w 40m! Lead bid 25m
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