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    Buying A Level 3 With Either 99 Fishing, Mining Or HunterAs the title states, i'm buying a level 3 with anyone of those 99's. Please PM me for extra details.[40+Vouches]Selling 200k token, 1 Defence/prayer![Trusted] ( 1 2)SOLD Hi there i am currently selling this account! Buying from me is buying from a trusted user and staff vouched user, i can assure you the safety of this account as i am the original owner and will provide all original informations of the account it has been created with a fake email. No recoveries or bank pin have been set. The account has NEVER been banned or had an offence and also was never a member Auto/Win - SOLD Log in screen Stats Payment in RSGP ONLY, thank you for viewing this thread! May the bidding begins.[RSGP]Selling Two Starter Accounts[RSGP]Both Accs are email log ins and the emails are fake. They Do Not Have Any Black Marks Account 1: Good Range Tank Starter. Sold. Account 2: Good Pure Starter A/W:2M 1.:// 2.:// [email protected] Pm Me For Offers or add me in since i rarely check the thread!What would you trade for it?What would you give me/or trade me for an account with these stats. No Wealth first of all. Attack: 40 Strength: 50 Defence: 40 Prayer: 43 Range: 40 Mage: 55 Cooking: 85 Fishing: 70 What would you trade or give for it? I might sell it.[CHEAP] 40 Atk, 65 Str, 1 Def Pure [PP][RSGP]I am selling this account to acquire some money for members. I have been only owner. Also features 68 wc, 61 fm, 55 fishing. Please PM me with offers, as I rarely check back on thread. I will take PayPal or RSGP. If you prefer to talk via , please contact me through my e-mail(below). Have a nice day. EDIT: Only 64 Strength. Sorry for typo. Current Bid: 3m A/W: 6m Screenshots:Selling two accounts, 3mill/8mill.Account #1 - 3mill :// :// :// waterfall + horror from the deep done. Account #2 - 8mill :// :// :// frem trials + grand tree + horror from deep + monkey madness + desert treasure + waterfall. You go first or you get the MM.Spending Up To $70 On A Pure [PP & MM]As the title states, I will spend up to $70 on a Pure, if you're interested in selling one please post your below and I will add it so we can discuss prices etc... Thanks, JamesyyPro level 3 SkillerLogin -[/] Stats - Offence page - All information will be given to the buyer such as recoverys, previous passwords ect ect, i have no interest in rs anymore as iv played for years and now gone to wow (so much better) so you can feel safe in the knowledge that the account is yours untill you quit, i have a notepad full of information on account that will be given to the buyer Login is a username not an email Im selling this account for rsgp or irl items, leave your offer leave a comment if your interested and il pm my OMM AT YOUR COSTS, Also for the idiots, the account is not banned, i can meet in game to prove it (To those who noticed iv sold same account before, the buyer scammed me so now im reselling)
Thread Status:
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