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    Lucas Walter's Account Shop Grand Opening!!! ( 1 2)Hey Everyone and Welcome to my Account Shop! For my Grand Opening I have a few accounts that I would like to sell. As I am a newer member, I will go first if I decide I can trust you if not you will need to pay a middle man. My : [email protected] Account Number 1: Major Stats: 90 Woodcutting 50 Mage 31 Minning Bonus: 259k In Bank Price: Starting Bid = $7.50 Paypal A/W = $20 Account 1 Pictures: Account# 2 Major Stats: 88 Woodcutting Price: Starting Bid: $5.00 A/W = $10 Pictures!!! Bonus Account! Account #3 Range/Strength Hybrid PvP Pure! (Had 95 Range went back due to rollback or something, it may go back up but Price will be cheaper) Stats: 88 Range 38 Prayer 61 Strength 43 Attack 33 Defense 57 Constitution Pricing: Starting Bid = $15 A/W $30 Pictures!!! If you are interested in purchasing please send me a PM and I will give you my details and anything else you would like. Please note that I only accept Paypal Payments, Thank You.Buying~~Magic, Strength or Range Pure!~~RSGPBuying an account with: 80+ strength all other stats 1 except hp 80+ magic all other stats 1 except hp 80+ range all other stats 1 except hp Desert treasure is a plus (stats gained in the quest are fine) No recovs/email can be set RSGP only!! A middle man will hold the money until I set recoveries/an email and I cange the password! Please post your thread/pictures as well as your AND A PRICE!!!!!"╚╩╝ 9 Woodcutters ╚╩╝ - [56-66 WC] [40 Vouches] Really cheapSold Code: - I'm the sole creator of this account - Account was made with a fake email. (e.g [email protected]) - Accounts are F2P - Accounts come with a rune hatchet - No recoveries/emails are set on the account - Information is 100% capable of passing a recovery testOnly selling this as a bundle. RSGP only. All offers will be considered. Upon purchasing, you will receive a PM containing Code: - All passwords changed in exact order - ISP used to create the account - IP used to create the account - Country and State in which the account was created. - Precise creation date and timePrice 500 K-1 M (for all) Account 1 Account 2 Account 3 Account 4 Account 5 Account 6 Account 7 Account 8 Account 9 Login ___________________________________________ Concerning trade I don't go first. If you'd like a middle man, that's perfectly fine. I will give you a refund if you give me a valid reason If you are interested in purchasing the account, post in the thread with your offer and PM me My contact is [email protected]/Chaotic Pure - 420k Tokens +Selling Epic Pre-Trained Dunge Pure ! Ready to become amazing pure. Only downfall is that it cannot be 1defence pure. A/w = 100m (CHEAP) Email is set for the mean while, this will be removed when i find a buyer. No Recoveries are set. Unless your highly vouched for i wont be going first. Payment is in runescape Gp only. May consider $ if using PA. Post on thread and add: [email protected] account for RSGP, |Excellent potential Pker, 70rng, 76 dung, 1def,1pray||SELLING FOR 10M FOR THE FIRST USER TO PM ME Alright, so I'm selling an account for RSGP, PM me offers for a quicker response or post here and I'll get here as soon as possible. The account still needs a bit of work, currently has 83k dungeoneering tokens, 3 longbow sights and a maple longbow sighted. Stats: Love you all Will require you to go first unless your have 25+ Vouches. Contact me at: [email protected][RSGP] selling 10hp defence pure [RSGP]:// :// :// A/W: 10m highest bid so far:6m i am the origional owner of this account. send me a message on [email protected] if you are interested. i will not go first (unless you are highly trusted) we can use omm but at your expense.~ Selling Pure With Great PotentialOld Post ClosedTrading 2 pure accounts for 1 new pure.I'm trading these two account for 1 new fresh account because I'm simply tired of both of these accounts. During the trade MM will be used at your expense, unless your trusted. Account #1:
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