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    99 MAGIC -- To be RUNE PURE ** RSGPHey, I'm selling my old in progress rune pure. Want to play on my main and might aswell sell this! Currently it has recovery questions because I don't know how to delete them! Please if you know how, tell me! Quote: Level 71 Combat Quests (Defence only): - Dragon Slayer - The Blood Pact - 100 exp or so manually trained - Waterfall - Grand tree - Tree gnome village - Fight arena - Merlin's crystal - Troll stronghold - Priest in Peril - Death Plateau Some other ones (almost all F2P except for prince's ali rescue and the new one) Log in: Black Marks: Stats: Bank is crappy. My email is: [email protected] RSGP ONLY!!!!!!!!! Quote: Originally Posted by RiskApe Really friendly seller; bought a good DT account for 15$. Definitely reccomend! Quote: Originally Posted by Mario Tennis Vouch for Noronha Brought an AMAZING account off Noronha for 65m!!! Great guy, VERY FAST and SMOOTH trade, HIGHLY recommended! Quote: Originally Posted by Dumby1 Vouch for Noronha! Sold him an upgrade, he went first. Trade was fast and smooth!Selling this account only 10m! bargain!!I go first to people with vouches offer or whatever paypal only or gp[RSGP] Selling 63 Dung Pure | 80 Dung | 200K Tokens [RSGP]Selling this Dung pure for RSGP only. Account has membership until the 1st of November. Code: Quests done: Restless Ghost Unstable Foundations Death Plateau Fight Arena Priest in Peril Waterfall Post or PM, don't add my .Selling Zerker - Starter turmoilSelling this zerker. its well on its way to be a turmoil zerker just a few quests missing along with 50 RC. It has dragon gloves Payment I will be accepting is Paypal Please PM or leave it here so I can add. Combat : 99 F2P[Swap/sell] 2 Accounts, both cheap!!!Selling both of these for either rsgp ir ill give them both for an account swap. Will go first if your trusted If not ill find a MM Acc1: starter obby mauler. Has good skilling stats for making money 54 rc _ can get yourself one of those rc staffs- No membership ACC 2: 114 main with 3 99's bank is empty. Membership til 12th NOV. picsSelling 2 accountsi bought these 2 account from a trusted member on this site and just simply dont use them anymore, i will not do swaps, i am looking for rsgp or paypal A/W $80 or 120m rsgp Account 1 this is the perfect account for rushing in the wildi but thats about it at the moment Account 2 this account was made purely to kill pures at duel arena and stake, which it does![SWAP/SELL] Account with 3 99's ( Fishing , hunter, wc)Either looking for a low level pure or around 10m Will go first bank is empty. Membership til 12th NOV. pics
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