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    [Global Mod] [RSGP] Selling GREAT F2P Str Pure! ( 1 2)If you want to buy a unique account that is a great PK'er but are afraid of it being recovered, then look no further. I can assure you that I do not intend to ever play on this account again. COMBAT LEVEL: 64 Serious offers of RSGP will be considered. RSGP only, nothing else. Leading offer: 33M A/w: 60M115m [2accounts!!!] [96str Pure]+[99mining]closed look at new postBeast level 76 Skiller, 4 x 99s, 88 Farming, 96 Construction, 80 DGplayerauctions/offer/ [email protected] claw rusher for tf2 itemsHeres the account information No recovery questions/no mems left hads a good 31M+ RSGP no marks/warnings/anything on account. 100% clean. Stats Quests- done DT add me on steam to talk. steamcommunity/id/crbilodeau/Selling 79 Str Pure! W/70at!!! Great For Whipping!!! +++ Smite!!! (rsgp Only)IM SELLING A LVL 79 STR PURE, 79CB 96STR 52 PRAY 60RANGE 70ATT DT DONE! FAILED 2DEF -_- BUT IT DIDNT AFFECT CB LVL YOU CAN BASICALLY DO ANYTHING YOU WANT WITH THIS ACC, I DONT CARE FOR IT CAUSE IM FOCUSING ON BUYING A ZEAL MULE. GIVE ME A QUOTE A/W 80M[Rsgp] Selling Multi-Spaced Name Tank with 96Range!! SuperCheap [Rsgp]Hey, i found this account from 05', it's a good account, Fresh ol' School pker 1 Summoning, its username has 2 and 3 spaces in it's name, i consider it rare. I have no A/W ATM, but please bid and we'll see how this goes, any Updates on account will be noted. My one and only - [email protected] PS: Look above im a member since 08, i don't scam.buying an amazing pure for up to 100m must be trusted!buying an amazing pure up to 100m , must be 1-20 defence and be quested !Selling one of the best pures sythe has seen. ( 1 2)I have finally come to quit runescape and sell my beloved account. I am the creator of this account and the only one to ever login. I have all info such as all passwords ever used on the account. It has a very rare login and display name. I will only use an OMM/MM at your expense. People with high donations to sythe or 1k+ post count will get higher priority even if the bid is lower. I can arrange Telephone contact If from UK (don't want a large bill ) Please PM me your contact details after posting do not post contact details on the thread due to scammers. The account has recoveries and email set because why wouldn't I... Has all dung prays, extremes sets 200+ of each and is fully quested. Bids start at 250M or $120 do not low ball me. (Accepting RSGP because it's easy to sell to gold traders.)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.