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    [Sick 85 WoW for Rs Account]Hey I'm looking to sell my WoW account for RSGP or an RS account.If you only have cash just buy RSGP at $.50/mill it's very easy to find a seller selling at that price.This account does not have any game time left, the main characters on the account are two lvl 85's and two lvl 70 twinks. The main 85 is a shaman with a 359ilvl, has pretty sick titles and mounts and 6k gold. The account comes with the email attached to it and the secret Q/A. I WILL NOT GO FIRST. 1. 85 Shaman (main) - 6k plus Achievement points -MANY titles including "Defender of a Shattered World", "Bane of the Fallen King", "Kingslayer", "Champion of the Frozen Waste: -Rare mounts includes Ravenlord, Drake of the West Wind, Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher, Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher, Swift White Hawkstrider, Winged Gaurdian, Black Drake, X-53 Touring Mount -Maxed Engineering, 500 Enchanting us.battle/wow/en/characte...Swillie/simple 2. 85 Hunter - 2825 Achievement points - Bronze Drake Mount us.battle/wow/en/characte...ahunter/simple There are also two lvl 70 twinks on the account one is a mage the other a pally. A/W: 200m RSGP or Good Rs AccountBeast Void Acc Lvl 82!!! Mm-done Forgiveness Of Ch. Dwarf-done Full Void Hc!!!Closed[SELLING] 99 Mage | 63 Combat [RSGP]ACCOUNT HAS BEEN SOLD! RSGP and [email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]! Selling my 99 mage pure, it has low levels but can be trained with ease. I will only be going first to trusted users and moderators. Media - [email protected] Offer away.Selling Initiate Pure RSGPThe account is decent but still needs a few quests done so im not asking for much. Let the bidding Begin. instant win price is 30m[PP/RSGP] Level 83 Dung Pure (94 Dung) | Rapier | Maul | CLS | Vigour | Gravite 2hI am selling my level 83 Dung Pure (80 Atk, 81 Str, 20 Def, 94 Dung) which has 3 Chaotics, vigour, and some Gravites. I am selling for RSGP or Payments through PayPal. I will not go first, and if you don't, I will get an OMM. Your offer, and please, no bullshit ones either (like 20m, or $30). gold4rs was willing to buy my account for $110, but they are known to be cheap. Thanks! When the account is sold, I will provide you with: -Recovery Question Answers -Payment -Date Account was Made -IP Address -When I moved -And I will change the email to yours.[RSGP ONLY] - 1 Def Pure - (5) 99's - Firecape - Chaotics - BEAST Acc - Rdy to PK ( 1 2)I have had this pure for around 3 years, leveled it myself, only thing botted was the thieving and dung, which was last year. So no worries about bans or anything. I'm becoming very bored with 1 defence pking gona start back on my main and finish leveling it and questing some Anyways Im accepting only RSGP! I will have a Mod/MM Confirm this for me, I know this account doesnt have to many vouches if any tbh, but I used to have another account on here, but I was hacked on and runescape(not this rs acc) and here (all same pass) (dont to that) and the guy who hacked my Sythe acc scammed like 3 people then was banned. So anyways I have a new and a new Sythe account A/W: 250M Starting Bid: 25m This account has: Firecape Chaotic Staff Chaotic C Bow Arcane Stream Necky Book of Tome and 700k+ Dung Tokens left![/ PM me or Reply with your if seriosuly intrested! Pictures: Please PM me for my - Only Serious Buyers -RSGP 71 CB - 99 range - 85 mage - 44 pray - 70hp - 1defIm selling this pure for runescape mills il never use this pure anymore. Its not member, none special quests are doen. For 15m its sold, I wont go first. Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.usSWAPS/SELL 99 fish,wc,hunter!!bank is empty. Membership til 12th NOV. Looking for some rsgp or a Skiller/pure. pics
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