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    [RSGP] Level 66 Pure (99 Range, 99 Mage, 76 Dung, Addy Gloves, Done DT, Stream Neck) ( 1 2)Howdy, Leading Offer: 60m @ Snuffle pure. Feel free to post any questions. Thanks =)Selling PERFECT 1def Pure[Crapier,Cmaul,Cls,1prayer1summoning] ( 1 2)PERFECT 1def Pure[Crapier,Cmaul,Cls,1prayer1summoning] Perfect 1 Defense pure. This account is empiphany of perfect. There are literally no mistakes on this account. 1 Defense, 1 prayer, 1 summoning. -No recoveries and no email. -Membership until November 8, which is worth 12M or $5.00 -This account has all melee chaotic weapons. -All information will be provided, from previous passwords to ISP. Depending on how trusted you are, I will go first or an omm can be used, and of course we will split the fees. How trusted am I? - My Vouches (Quality vouches, 0 scam reports, been first went first) Please PM me or post below if are interested, price is negotiable. A/W:$45.00 (keep in mind it has 1 month) PP Only I will not be accepting RSGP as I am quitting the game. Thanks.Selling a Pure 99 Strength [RSGP]¥Rogue¥ Here Selling My Pure i bought it from KeroKero so all info will be provided your email will be set all info to do a full recovery test also. = [email protected] BlackMarks: Login Info: Inventory: Stats: Epic because you can make it any type of pure you want Quests: Bank Worth:Selling BEAST main with rapier 3x99Selling BEAST main with rapier 3x99! gyazo/0c8a41448a2d50c1c708e53fc0e8379d gyazo/48e497cd7314ac3eeafa87a4e37abe78 gyazo/e4665f0e2aa298cf285c5baacdf49160 Hey im Selling my main i no longer need im starting to make a pure and need the money for that will settle for rsgp i dont have an a/w because i dont know what the account is worth so it doesnt matter just name me a price of rsgp,or i will swap for a pure(My pure isnt very good). [email protected] -WakeismeSelling Level 70 STR pure ( 1 2)SELLING LEVEL 70 STR PURE!! A/W: 45M CURRENT BID : N/A COMES WITH EVERYTHING SEEN BELOW ADD MY FOR MORE INFO [email protected] This a mostly botted account but it has been watched very often and the bots that i used are high class premium bots with almost 0% chance of a ban. Bid will start at at least 35m, Becuase of the 15m that is already on the account. Any people asking for acc swaps or would you take paypal will be ignored. T.O.C I CAN REFUSE ANY CUSTOMER IF I WISH, THE ONLY REASON I WOULD REJECT A CUSTOMER IS IF I SUSPECT SOMTHING SUSPICIOUS I CAN REQUEST A MM OR OMM IF IM NOT COMFOTRABLE WITH THE CONDITION I WILL NOT BE GOING FIRST UNLESS YOU ARE A VERY TRUSTED MEMBER PLEASE POST THIS FORM BELOW SYTHE NAME: / : DO YOU AGREE TO THE T.O.S PAYMENTS ACCEPTED ONLY RSGP FOR NOWRapier Staker For 25m A/w Buy It Now Need Cash 1 Summ 1 Pray RapierHey there,I'm back with one more account,PM ME IF YOU INTERESTED A/W 25M NO REQOVERIES,NO EMAIL WAS SETTED Contact me via PM PLEASE FOR OR INFOSelling 1 Def Pure/Skiller 66 CombatClosedZerker 4 LIFE LOOK!Hiya guys had this guy for agessss!! He's a veteran acount and just a zerker in general!! Still need bit of work but please Offer on him cheers! Looking for purely RSGP not looking for swaps or anything else. : [email protected]
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