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    72cb PURE 94 mage,85 str,80 range, DT done, addy gloves!this account doesn't have any members left but has about 2-4m worth of members items on the account. has addy gloves and desert treasure done, animal mag done. great pker.. i would like to sell this for rsgp for my other account.. if you're trusted i will go first, if not you will have to go first or get a middle man. start bid 5m auto win 20mm trying to sell this today!☣☣☣☣☣selling great started zerker☣☣☣☣☣Hello. I'm selling this acc. I'm the original owner of this acc. All def is from quests havent trained any def exp by myself. 100k+ tokens left in dung. Important quests done: Desert Treasure - Ancient magics Monkey Madness - Dragon scimmy Animal Magnetism - Avas acumulator I accept only rsgp leave your offer here or add me on - [email protected][RSGP]Claw rusher/60 Attack PK'er!!![RSGP]Sup, I'm making myself a zeal mule, so I decided that this account would be next to useless for me. Had some fun with it, but I'd rather have a lower HP rusher, rather than this, which also, unfortunately, as 5 def. DT done, both prequests for MM done, yeah yeah. Has mem for one more month, and will gladly remove Recovs/Email upon serious inquiries. I am the original owner. I soul warred 65-86 strength. No A/W set as of now. Offer up Current Bid: 15mGreat 1Def Pure 99range 76 dung 134k tokensAs the titel reads i am selling my 1def acc with 99range 76 dung for 15m a/w i will not be going first at all!~ msm [email protected] addies,mm,dt,mind body fully quested IS NOW 10K TOKENS FROM A CHAOTIC~~~~WOULD LIKE TO SELL ASAP 10M OBO.LVL 74 DDS staker 99hp 93 str ( 1 2)I have quitted runescape and selling my pride account Here are the pictures. willing to use omm and recovery test and so on. pm me for my or leave it here. i will add back.[RSGP] Selling Level 90 Berserker Pure! 70-91-45. Barrow Gloves, Torso, Void! [PP]Selling this as another one of my accounts because I am quitting. Will take RSGP but prefer paypal. The RSGP would be getting sold for 0.5/m on playerup if I get an offer in RSGP. The account has done all main quests including desert treasure lunar diplomacy etc has barrow gloves as you can see and the defence is quested. Ownage berserker pure! Add my if interested: [email protected] Runescape Turmoil Pure! 30 Def, Fire Cape, 150m!Hey guys im selling my turmoil pure with or without the 150m on it. It has rune gloves and a fire cape and slayer helm and much much more. Starting bid is 130$ and I am only accepting paypal or psn points or a card or RSGP. Has no recoveries or email. I will not go first, so scammers dont try and if you have any questions please feel free to ask My is [email protected] f2p pure with 4 99's and 89 strenght! [rsgp]Hello i'm selling this amazing f2p pure for RSGP only! For more info : [email protected]
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