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    [RsGp/PP] Selling a Beast Baby Pure! 60 Attack | 94 Mage | 85 Str | [RsGp/PP]Hey guys, selling my baby pure for rsgp/pp. I will go first if your trusted or we can use any OMM at YOUR expense. Here are some pictures of the account. Looking for around 50m or 30$ Paypal, post on here or add me on . [email protected][Paypal] Selling Korasi/Infinity pure[90 Cb]After 4 years I've decided to sell my unique pure, it started out as a d claw 1 def pure, but it was hacked to 17 def, so instead of just giving up, I worked with the 17 def, and on my road to rune gloves I couldn't get 20 def, so I had to get 25 def, so that's why it's an Infinity pure. Before you add my : [email protected] post on this thread. I'm only accepting PAYPAL, any offers with gp, or rs acc's will be reported as spam. Also: here is my road to Korasi on the account, so you know I'm 100% legit: sythe/showthread.php?t=941899 Vouches: sythe/showthread.php?t=921866[1Defence +Firecape+MithGloves+90dung +Members Till NovemberClose Please Opening New Thread.[RSGP]Fcape/torso Selling 92+7 Rune Pure MUST LOOK [RSGP]Hello Sythe, I am selling a rune pure account and will be willing to use an MM, it has email but that will be changed to the buyers after the trade is done (with the MM involved and such.) I am looking for 50M for this account (comes with a month of members...)Please Post offers here or PM me. The account's defence is quested. It has Reverance Aura, Fire cape, Fighter hat, Rune gloves and more untradeables. Comes with little bank >300k. Not worth a photo in my opinion. HAPPY BIDDING! A/W: 75M Login- Skills- Quests- Items-lvl 84 zerk full quest 85 dung chaotic maul cheapwell im selling this account as i am on my main now, it has fire cape torso and chaotic maul, its fully quested, its stats are att:80 str:84 def:45 range:91 magic:94 fm:91 cook:83 just add my [email protected] or is vince.i777 i will verify everything in game im terribly sorry my pictures wont show up, ill go first to trusted, and im selling abnormally cheapSelling Zerker Pure Amazing Stats For GPHey guys today I shall be selling my zerker pure for 50m RSGP! Heres a quick screen shot for you guys. Please PM me through sythe where we shall make a deal guys! This account also has a chaotic rapier and some other nice stats I have become bored of this account and enjoy my main more, this is why I have decided to sell So yeah that's about it guys please P.M me on sythe if interested and also the price maybe partially negotiable so 50m or nearest offer. I would also like the buyer to have some vouches if possible although I may make some acceptions P.M me if interested. Have fun!Buying Dung Pure!Hello sythe im buying a dung pure. If youre pure is more than 100$ this is not the right thread.. BUT if I find youre account interesting we can of course discuss a price . Reqs' Chaotic staff and Arcane Stream Necklace OR Chaotic crossbow and Arcane Stream Necklace OR Rapier and Arcane Stream Necklace Stats! 90+ Str 94+ Range 94+ Mage 80- Attack 80+ Hp 5- Def Quests Desert Treasure Addy gloves Monkey Madness Lost city Horror from the deep Death plateu BONUESES High summoning would be a bonus. And runecrafter robes is a bonus too. PM ME OR CONTACT ME VIA OR ; Jonazdam ; [email protected] Here Selling Account'sI HAVE THESE ACCOUNT'S UP FOR SALE I'M VERY TRUSTED ALOT OF PEOPLE KNOW WHO I AM I WILL NOT GO FIRST GET A MM IF NOT GET OFF MY THREAD, there is a turmoil zerker, a 99 range and magic tanker and another zerker all quested !!! well check it out account 1 : account 2 : account 3 :
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