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    [PayPal] 1 Def Pure with 94 Magic, 11 Prayer, DT done, 3 letter nameHello, I want to sell my 1 Defense barrage pure for PayPal or RSGP here. For more information about the account look at the pictures please. Pictures of the account: Login: Quote: As you can see in the picture, the account still has 29 Days of Membership left. Wealth: Quote: I think the total wealth of the bank should be around 1.5 Million RSGP. Quests: Quote: 45 Attack is quested, 45-50 attack from flesh crawlers in the Stronghold of Security. - The Unholy book got no pages in it! + 20 full ghostly sets from Desert Treasure Quest Stats: I will not go first, you must pay OMM or go first to me. However, I can go first if you are VERY trusted. Feel free to offer.Selling 83 Combat Failed 6 Def Pure [Most Quests done]Hello everyone I have just made this account on Sythe to sell my pure that got cleaned and has failed defense. This account has a full Zammy book, DT, MM, and RFD done up to Mith gloves, about a 2m bank left on it. I'll let the pictures do the talking I guess. The account has a month of members remaining. I'm looking for RSGP only. I won't go first unless you're trusted sorry. OMM is at your expense. Legit offers only. my is [email protected] or PM me.buying member pinbuying a 60 atk pure for a main or a 102 with 99 rc 88 aglity orr dragon claws and 5mI PUT THE WRONG NAME ^^^ add my [email protected] Level 74 Pure, Quested, Smite, Prod!Starting Bid: 45M / $35 Autowin: 90M / $70Selling Rune Pure 96 Str. Lunars+ Ancients3 letter name! Username Log on. Defense is Quested. Selling this goldy rune pure. Recently, when buying a torso, I got scammed of my bank on this account. It's only 100 points away from torso. After being scammed for its bank, I've lost interest in this account. I'm willing to sell for either RSGP or swap for a good pure from trusted members only (25+ vouches). Once I find a buyer, I will give you all Information. I have a 100% reputation on these forums. Check my vouches. His Stats: [​IMG] Log On: [​IMG] Pricing: A/W 40m I am willing to use OMM or MM at your expense. Also Willing to do a Recovery Test. Post any questions. Thanks![Pure] 98 Str Melee PureSelling This 98 Strength Pure, 200k off 99 Strength. Please note the skills are not quested, so do the quests and youll have a sick whip pure. Make it a staker? Pure? Main? The Choices are up to you. No Email or Recoverys, Good Original Name, Membership only been paid for by upgrades If You have any doubt in my Trustworthyness, Check out the vouches on my Gold Shop Thread sythe/showthread.php?t=1053552 Offer on The thread, no AW or Pm meSelling My Skiller! 3 99's! 30m rsgp!skills: Bank: Black Marks: Login: : [email protected] : Trolled_Eric If you are going to come in here saying im scamming please don't post! Post your offers! Starting Bid 36m A/W 24m[SWAP][SALE][RSGP] iReapz Amazing Account Shop !! [RSGP][SWAP][SALE]Hey sythe i am putting an account shop on here and i will be adding accounts when i get them. i am not here to scam.., i may only have 2 vouches but i promise you i am here to scam no one... i am happy with using a MM Or OMM... So thets get on with the accounts shall we Acc 1: Lvl 118 1.2m cash 99 str + More A/W- $(Offer)... RS-GP- 40M ONO OR A SWAP (PLEASE OFFER) PIC: Acc 2: Lvl 3, 99 Fish, 65 Agility + More A/W- $45ono.... RS-GP: 22.5M ono...... Or A Swap PIC: So there You Have It Please If You have any Questions or Offer's Please Add Me On My : [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Good Trade's 3 Bad Trade's 1 (Scammed out of 22m) Lateset Vouch (wrong section lol) : sythe/showthread.php?t=1034963 CHEER'S !!!!!!!!
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