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    Sweet level 60 pure!As the title says, Inbox offers Has around 600k wealth Heres the pictures I accept paypal and Rsgp And maybe an account but It would have too be good It's done desert treasure and monkey madness, All offers will be considered i824.photobucket/albums/z...unthistory.jpg i824.photobucket/albums/z...l3r/Recovs.jpg i824.photobucket/albums/z...l3r/Quests.jpg i824.photobucket/albums/z...3ll3r/Picture1. I will NOT go first,[RSGP]Selling level 78 pure with OVERLOADS!!!!Accepting rs gp's only, has completed Desert Treasure and has mith gloves + RC Robes. Ready for pure clanning or just pking!Selling a Very Good pure , 99 Mage , Mith Gloves.Selling a Good Pure , Got 99 Mage , Got Mit Gloves Done , MM Done Got Around 7.5M On it With items and Cash , Looking For Rsgp! Add my or Offer Below. [email protected] Thanks-- Beast Whip Pure 70 Attack 99 Strength [rsgp] --hey guys, im taking RSGP for this account. has some pure quests complete including Monkey Madness. happy to use a MM, we can discuss that if intrested in buying. still has 25+ days members. STATS; not looking for a huge ammount, so post below or add [email protected] to talk![RSGP] 60 Combat| 85 range| 85 mage| 1 def |1 prayerI'm selling a level 60 ranger/mage with the following stats A/W is 50M open to offers. Anymore information will be provided apon request. Edit:also 60 agi nowReset Handcannon Pure No StatsIm buying a reset handcannon pure. They must be reset so I can get a handcannon with the account and have 10 defence. Ill pay in real cash or in accounts got pure and a zerker both dt done.[rsgp] Level 62 Range Pure (addy Gloves Full Book ) [rsgp]Ok selling this account i am original owner all information i have will be given when account is sold just offer away. contact me on [email protected] 97 box staker - makes fast moneyThis account is made purely for making money. STATS: 97 Combat 88 Attack 75 Strength 91 Defence 87 Hitpoints INFORMATION: The account was made purely for making money in the duel arena, it has been worked hard and pushed upto a level that can easily make billions of gold in a day if you have time. Total gold made has been 2.6billion and has set my main account until the day I quit. SCREENSHOTS: *Links at bottom* PAYMENT: Paypal $105 DELIVERY: When payment is confirmed you will be given all account information and the account will be yours. I hope that you enjoy the account and will treat it well. EDIT - Images wern't showing up so added links-
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