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    selling 20 def pure 99 range fcape 94 mage major quests done a must havehellow today im selling my pure i quiet runscape and im join a paintball team so im saving up my is [email protected] make an offerIncredible LOW level pking PRODIGY ~best price!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[PP/RSGP]Started Zerke 94hunt,40def(quested),79 magic, 71 ranged ,70 strHello sythe users, i'm selling this nice started zerker. 40defence is quested. Got 3M in items. Please offer price in Paypal USD or RSGP. I know i'm not trust, but we can use Verified Middle Man or Offical Middle Man. I'll give all information to buyer. My only is : [email protected] Stats ,bank, quests and etc..Selling Pure 71 Cb 92 Str Addygloves, Mm, CHEAP! & Selling Zerk With 99 Str 15M!CHEAPHello My name is Tanksta 0wnz, I am New to sythe i've been watching little how things go here, I will sell my account RSGP only And i will be using A OMM ( You Pay Fees) Or a free trusted MM. Or you can choose to go first. And for the zerker, Its 76 att 99 str 45 def 73 range 52 pray 85 mage, 83 hp Combat 96. Has the most quests done, Heres a pic: Soo, If you wanna contact me or something write in PM or add me at [email protected], Thanks The pure has been SOLD!Looking for initiate pure [trusted seller only]Looking for a initiate pure 70 ATT 95+STR 20 DEF 89+RANGE 52 PRAY 94+MAGIC up to highest gloves - +major quest done firecape dont care about the bank, post here with , dont post unless you know your trusted and have good vouches.buying a account with ALL holiday itemsim looking for a account that has every holiday item from 2003 bunny ears,, yoyo, marionette, santa costume and hati head. willing to pay 200 dollar cash paypal. negotiable.My accounts worth!Hey Gus! Just wanted to know what I could get in the way of RSgp for this account... In no way should you offer me, just I Wana know what I could get. Thx Stats 65 attack 73 str 48 def 43 prayer 40 range 75 Mage 59 construction 66 hp 78 herblore 72 fletching 59 crafting 92 theiving 14 slayer 88 mining 59 smithing 74 hunter 82 wc 75 farming *99 cooking* *99 firemaking* 37 summoning. 1616 total level and tell me what it's worth in RSGP and in paypallvl 68 gmaul ice barrage rusher.Name is Dafatt Pjer and have two videos on youtube of me rushing. Stats are 57att 84str 1def 42range 99magic 43prayer 59hp. This account has great potenial to build on and would like sell for RSGP only. Btw here are the youtube/watch?v=qFkhe...feature=relmfu Looking for atleast 18m to get my investment bback in the account.
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